Sole Mineral Water Attractive and contemporary-looking bottles of Sole, with their emblem honoring the prehistoric Sun Goddess. The still water has the blue label, the sparkling water has the crimson label.



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May 2006

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Solé Mineral Water

Pure Water From The Source Of A Sun Goddess



CAPSULE REPORT: A pure, sweet, and delicious alternative to the same old, same old. The still version is slightly heavier than Evian; the sparkling version is lighter and less alkaline than San Pellegrino. Sole, from the north of Italy close to Switzerland, is making inroads at restaurants; you’re likely to see it there first. However, you can order it online; and certainly encourage your retailer to order it as well.

May is a month for Mother’s Day and the blossoming of the earth—at least in our temperate zone. So, it’s fitting that our water for May is Solé, from a source located in Lombardy, near the mountainous Alpine region of Italy, near the Swiss border. The source of Solé has been known since Roman times and was famous for its health-giving properties during the Middle Ages. Archeological evidence confirms a pagan sun goddess statue once stood at the site of the source. Legend describes her as wife of the weather god and mother of the four winds. Roman soldiers would stop to fill their water vessels at the source before going out to conquer new lands. The water source became known as Solé, named for the sun itself. 

Today in the town of Nuvolento, a family-run operation continues to bottle the famous Mapwater directly from the source at the Fonte Solé Spring, the same water enjoyed by locals and passers-through since before recorded time. Solé is derived from a natural filtration process as the water works it way through varying geological layers of rocks and minerals to its underground and well-protected source. On the way, it picks up beneficial levels of magnesium and calcium, which may have added to the health claims ascribed to it in the days of yore.

The entire bottling process is a hermetically sealed system safeguarded for cleanliness; hourly tests are preformed on site by a microbiology team to insure that each bottle of Solé is as pure as its beginnings. Solé has been declared microbiologically pure by the University of Padova, making it ideal for those limiting their intake of sodium. The content of the water is continuously monitored according to the stringent regulations of the Italian Government. Those minerals deemed to be detrimental when consumed in excess—sodium, chlorides, sulphates and nitrates—are present in negligible amounts.

Some people perceive Solé as little bit sweet, especially in its still version. With an interesting combination of high bicarbonates and low sodium in a medium- build water, The water is not naturally carbonated, but is given a delicate touch of carbonation to create a sparkling version for those who prefer it. The sparkling water earns a Light designation on the FineWaters Balance. It can be found in restaurants, and is an alternative to the much heavier and more alkaline San Pellegrino. The still water is lightly heavier than Evian.

If Mom enjoys mineral water, you may wish to send her a case, along with this story, for Mother’s Day, as you toast to her health and to her inner goddess.

WATER Solé Natural Mineral Water
Nuvolento (Lombardy), Italy
Still and Sparkling (Artificially Carbonated)
pH Factor
< 1

TDS = Total Dissolved Solids
ND = Non-Detectable


Still Water or Artificially Carbonated Sparkling Water

  • One-Liter Bottles
    Case of 12
    (Either Still or Sparkling)

To purchase online, visit click here.

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Distributors can be found on the company website:

Bottle AssortmentOnly the one-liter size is currently available.

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