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Beer Glasses
Collectible pilsner glasses from Ritzenhoff make drinking beer even more fun—as long as you don't break one.



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Beer Advocate
Everything you’ve always wanted to know about beer, beer events nationwide, how to host a beer tasting, beer education, and more.

An information and education site from the Association of Brewers.

Website about beer, wine and spirits targeted to the bar and restaurant trade. Professional reviews of most brands of beer; entertaining suggestions. Free monthly newsletter.

Nibble Tip

Cooking with beer ads delightful nuances. You’ve seen beer batter shrimp, but beer is used in foods from breads to stews to  chocolate truffles!  Use it as a poaching liquid, as a base for soups, in glazes and marinades.  If you’re a beer lover, you’ll be inspired by the wealth of recipes.  Try for some recipes that use fruit beers to make ice cream.  

Cabot Cheese and Ale

Tea and crumpets have their place, but when we want something hearty and comforting, we adore ale and cheese. Photo courtesy of Cabot Cheese.


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