Dog Fortune Cookies
Having Chinese Food? So can Fido, with these canine fortune cookies, one of dozens of delicious dog treats that look like people food.




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CAREY POLIS is a member of THE NIBBLE’s editorial staff.


August 2007

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Kool Dog Kafe Dog Treats

Gourmet Dog Food For the Leader of the Pack


CAPSULE REPORT: Man’s best friend should be treated well—that’s why Kool Dog Kafe makes dog treats that look just like the most expensive human treats. The only way to tell the difference is by taking a bite!

Kool Dog Kafe understands that there is always a reason to party, especially if you are a canine. Baking up a beautiful array of dog treats—classic treats, birthday treats, seasonal treats (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, Easter and more), you can set an even finer table for Fido and his friends than you set for your own. Indulgent dog owners won’t know where to turn first: These exquisite dog treats are guaranteed to make humans and their animal companions feel elated (and more than impress all the other doggie moms and dads).

Having a Happy Hour? Give Fido a Yappy Hour. Having a burger and fries? So can Fido.

Dog Cookie Martini

Yappy Hour Martinis. There’s also a pink Cosmopolitan.

Dog Cookie Burger
The bun and fries are chicken-flavored and the patty tastes like barbecue!

If it’s just a general get-together for Fido and the boys from the ‘hood, you may want to select something seasonal—flamingos, perhaps, bright red and green watermelon slices, baseballs, summer color-dipped bones or a “surf’s up!” beach set. The girls may prefer starfish, ice cream cones, lady bugs and flowers or palm trees.

Dog Cookies - Surfboard

Beach Set.

Dog Cookies - Watermelon
Watermelon Cookies.

In addition to the cookies, tongues will wag for the enticing cupcakes, brownies and dipped bones. If there’s a birthday party on the agenda, Kool Dog Kafe bakes a nifty birthday cake (photo below). Since dogs can’t blow out candles, they get something even better: a rubber ball personalized with their name. There are plenty of birthday-theme treats for guests. If there’s a wedding on the agenda, the wedding treats are as charming as any human favors.

Kool Dog Kafe bakes fresh daily. The recipes are all-natural, using whole-wheat flour, unbleached flour, cornmeal, cinnamon, honey, vanilla, canola oil, eggs, fructose and egg whites. Icings are made with carob and yogurt coatings. There are no preservatives.


Dog Birthday Cake
Birthday cake with Fido’s favorite gift, a rubber ball.

You may have a hard time keeping the humans from taking a bite. (Actually, all cookies are made from human-quality ingredients, they’re perfectly edible, if not as sweet and smooth as we’re used to). It’s impossible to tell the difference between Kool Dog Kafe’s cookies and those of human cookie artists like Eleni’s Cookies. Every pup will be demanding play dates at your place!

Treats for Dogs

  • Cupcakes
    Pack of 6

  • Burgers and Fries

  • Beach Set Cookies

  • Dog Treat Of The Month Club
    $19.99/Month, Includes
    Free Birthday Cake

Purchase online at

Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional.

Dog Cupcakes


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Not you, and certainly not Fido!


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