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Tee Shirt
Why wear someone else’s clever shirt when you can wear your own?  If you can think it up, maybe we can create it.  Photo courtesy of



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Food Fun / Winning Ideas

Design A Foodie Tee Shirt

If You’ve Always Wanted To Be A Tee Shirt Designer,
Here’s Your Chance!


What would you put on this perfectly blank tee shirt?

Send us your idea, and if we select it, you’ll get some shirts for yourself plus credit as the designer in our tee shirt gallery.

Submit ideas in any of these themes:

  • THE NIBBLE, Great
    Finds for Foodies
  • Foodies, Gourmets
  • Any Specific Food or
  • Dining, Eating
  • Restaurants
  • Entertaining
  • Cooking, Barbecuing
  • Wine, Beer, Spirits



Click here to send us your ideas.

  • Be sure to include your contact information (name, e-mail, phone) so we can let you know if your idea has been selected.
  • You can submit as many ideas as you like. All ideas become property of THE NIBBLE™.
  • If a design is integral to your idea, you can scan it and attach it to an e-mail as a PDF. Click here to e-mail it to us, with the subject line “Foodie Tee Shirt.” Be sure to include your contact information.  Or, you can mail hard copy to THE NIBBLE, 15 West 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023, Attention: Foodie Tee Shirt. Be sure to include your contact information (name, phone, email).
  • In the event that the same or similar idea is submitted by more than one person and is selected, the person who submitted it first will receive the acknowledgement.
  • Selected ideas may be edited.

We regret that we can only get back to those whose ideas have been selected, but thanks to all for participating!

Tee shirt Transform this blank shirt into something every NIBBLE reader will want to wear.


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