Hand-colored chocolate Easter eggs from Martine’s chocolate. The colors are beautifully inlaid in the chocolate.



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April 2009
Last updated March 2010

Marketplace / Gift-Finder

Gourmet Easter Chocolate Bunny, Eggs & More

Great Candy, Great Gift Ideas


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Candy & Chocolate    

The Cocoa Room:
Chocolate-Covered Nuts & Fruits = Eggs

This wonderful mix of egg-shaped chocolate-covered almonds and white alpine cherries in a chic box is a gift that will be coveted by adults and children alike, and is especially appropriate for people who don’t really like big bites of chocolate (yes, such people exist!). It’s also perfect for party favors.

  • Chocolate-Covered Nuts & Fruit
    4-Ounce Box
    8-Ounce Box
    12-Ounce Box


  Easter Candy

Divine Chocolate:
Fair Trade Can Save The World

When you buy Fair Trade products, you ensure that the farmers are paid fairly for their labor. In a world where many farmers don’t earn enough to send their children to school, you know that your purchase of this fine chocolate also does a social good. Joining the Milk chocolate and 70% cacao dark chocolate mini eggs are the new Milk Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs. Read our review of Divine Chocolate, and learn more about Fair Trade.

  • 3.5-Ounce Box



Chocolate Easter Eggs

Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE. Styling by Lauren LaPenna.


Dove Chocolate:
Family Favorites

You don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. For the dollar, Dove is the best money you can spend. A solid six-ounce egg or bunny (shown at right) and delicious foil-wrapped eggs in milk and dark chocolate, with or without almonds, hit the spot.

  • 6-Ounce Bunny And Chocolate Eggs
    Prices Vary

Available At Retailers Nationwide


  Chocolate Bunny
Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE. Styling by Lauren LaPenna.

Guittard Chocolate:
Nonpareil Morsels & Tablets

The best nonpareils we’ve ever eaten—and how could they not be, since they’re made of Guittard, one of the world’s great chocolates. There are white chocolate and Easter pastel white chocolate morsels to dress ice cream and cupcakes and bake into cookies. The full-size nonpareils in white, pastel and dark chocolate are good for decor or eating by the handful. Read our full review of Guittard Chocolates.

  • Mini Morsels
    (Called “mini” but a full “chocolate chip” size)
  • Nonpareils
    $4.69/12 Ounces

At retailers nationwide. For an e-tailer, go to Google.com and find the link for Shopping.



Non Pareils
Above, nonpareils; below, mini morsels. Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE. Styling by Lauren LaPenna.


Lake Champlain Chocolates:
Miniature Filled Eggs

A classic assortment of dark and milk filled Easter eggs in all the favorite flavors: Coconut Cream, Java Truffle and Raspberry Cream (dark chocolate); Caramel, Hazelnut Praline and Peanut Butter (milk chocolate). Read our full review of Lake Champlain Chocolates.

  • Miniature Filled Eggs
    Approximately 12 Pieces

Many other Easter items are available on website.



Martine’s Chocolates:
Marzipan Eggs

Aren’t these lovely? Hand rolled marzipan makes beautiful marzipan eggs—delicious with after-dinner tea or coffee (or anytime). Martine also makes lovely hand-colored solid chocolate eggs (the design is in the chocolate, just as with these marzipan eggs) and many other Easter treats. Read our full review of Martine’s Chocolates.

  • Miniature Filled Eggs
    Approximately 12 Pieces



Richart Chocolates:
Spring And Easter Bouquets And Printemps Collections

Richart makes a real work of art with its Spring And Easter Bouquets. The half-egg-shaped dark chocolates (at right) are filled with ganache in flavors ranging from Venezuelan cocoa, caramel and pepper & soft spice to citrus and red fruit. Or, go for the Printemps Collection of square chocolates in flavors including dark chocolate Tahitian vanilla ganache, milk chocolate raspberry ganache and white chocolate passion fruit and mango ganache. Regardless of which one you choose, the cute chickens, bunny pictures and other designs are sure to please children and children-at-heart alike! Read our full review of Richart Chocolates, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

  • Printemps Collections
    18 Bonbons
    50 Bonbons
  • Spring And Easter Bouquets
    9 Half-Egg-Shaped Bonbons (at
    25 Half-Egg-Shaped Bonbons



Chocolate Easter Eggs

Valrhona lovers will appreciate a box of Valrhona chocolate eggs. The dark eggs, 64% Valrhona Manjari chocolate, are filled with raspberry ganache. The milk chocolate eggs, Tanariva 33%, are filled with gianduja. Read our full review of Valrhona, named after its origin in Frances Rhone Valley.

  • 12 Eggs: Dark, Milk or Mixed
    $14.95 Each



“Bacon And Eggs” is the perfect way to start your Easter celebration.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat:
Chocolate Easter Eggs

Forget those buttercream eggs: Here are chocolate Easter Eggs for sophisticates. “Bacon And Eggs” is filled with bacon caramel. Deep Milk Chocolate is 42% cacao and pink Himalayan sea salt. The PB in Organic Peanut Butter is seasoned with Himalayan and Maldon salts. Organic Wink Of The Rabbit is filled with caramel and pecans. Read our full review of Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

  • 5 One-Ounce Eggs In A Purple
    Gift Box

    $22.00 Each


  Bacon Chocolate
“Bacon And Eggs” is the perfect way to start your Easter celebration.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat:
Exotic Chocolate Bunnies

Cutting-edge exotic solid chocolate bunnies in Amalfi Bunny (white chocolate, lemon zest and pink peppercorns), Barcelona Bunny (hickory-smoked almonds and grey sea salt), Orchid Vanilla Bunny (62% dark chocolate with Tahitian vanilla) and Toffee Bunny (43% dark milk chocolate with toffee chunks and pink Himalayan salt). Read our full review of Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

  • 2.5-Ounce Chocolate Bunnies
    $12.00 Each

Many other Easter-themed chocolates are available on website.


  White Chocolate Bunny
We love all four bunnies—what a great gift! Above, Amalfi Bunny.

Truffle-Filled Nest

A “bird’s nest” crafted from oak moss, lavender, oak leaves, yellow feverfew and dried miniature roses with 24 white chocolate, truffle-filled “robins’ eggs” in a speckled candy shell. When the candy is gone, the 11” nest is a permanent keepsake.

  • Nest With Chocolate Truffle-Filled Eggs

Other Easter items available on website.


  Truffle Nest

Woodhouse Chocolate:
Chocolate Veggies

What does a chocolate Easter bunny eat? Chocolate carrots, of course! Carrots—in dark, milk and white chocolate—and chocolate asparagus are the adorable chocolate vegetables made by Woodhouse Chocolate, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week. No children—or adults—will refuse to eat these vegetables. Other Easter offerings from Woodhouse Chocolate include baby bunnies and ducks and Easter eggs filled with brown butter ganche, Mandarin orange and strawberry caramel, to name a few of the delicious flavors.

  • Chocolate Veggies
    Carrots Or Asparagus
    $6.00 Each
    Bundles Of Five With Ribbon



Other Easter items available on website.


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© Copyright 2005-2023 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.