D'Artagnan Boar Sausage
If Dad loves to grill—or just loves gourmet meat—D’Artagnan Wild Boar Sausages will hit the spot.




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June 2008

Marketplace / Gift-Finder

Best Father’s Day Gifts 2008

Gourmet Food Gifts For Dads


Forget the silk tie and the novelty boxers: Although they won’t last as long, these gourmet food gifts are unforgettable.

See also our Father’s Day 2007 and Father’s Day 2006 gift recommendations—all still smashing gift ideas.

Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Special Spirits


Chivas Regal:
Ultimate Trip To Scotland


A one-of-a-kind luxury trip for a Scotch-loving father: Dad and a guest will stay at a private mansion, dine with the Duke of Argyll in his highland castle and play golf at St. Andrew’s Links. Dad will create a customized Chivas blend with guidance from Chivas Regal’s Master Blender, Colin Scott. Upon returning to the U.S., the lucky dad will receive a bottle of Chivas Regal 25-Year-Old, presented in a bespoke case designed by Viscount David Linley, son of Princess Margaret, a memento of the majestic trip.

  • Trip To Scotland For Two
    August 3 to 8 or
    August 31 to September 5

Contact Travelcorp International At


Chivas Royal Scotch
Scotland Father's Day Trip



Herb’s Aromatic Vodka:
Cilantro, Dill, Fennel & Rosemary-Infused Vodka

We taste two dozen new vodkas every year. Herb’s is the one that has turned our head. Four different flavors, infused with natural herb essences, offer a fresh new take on vodka. We love drinking them straight (especially the Dill, Fennel and Rosemary). But they offer much mixology magic to cocktails, marinating gravlax, making savory palate-cleanser sorbets and much more. Frankly, we’re hooked, and we think Dad would love a four-pack. (Pick up some for yourself at the same time.) Recipes are downloadable from the website.

  • Herb-Infused Vodka
    750ml Bottle
    Suggested Retail Price


Herb's Rosemary Vodka



Jameson Irish Whiskey:
Rarest Vintage Reserve

We recently attended a Jameson tasting event. We were happy with the 12 Year Old and the 18 Year Old pot still Irish whiskeys, aged in Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon casks. But when they brought out the 23-year-old Rarest Vintage Reserve: Toto, we’re not in Ireland anymore, but a higher, celestial place. Everything about this whiskey is robust: the body, the complexity (notes of citrus, honey, oak and pepper) and the rich and lasting finish that Dad will remember happily, even when the bottle is long gone. Only 1,000 bottles will be sold in the U.S., so if you can’t get one for Dad, we promise he’ll be just as happy with 12 Year or 18 Year. Or heck, one of each: He deserves it.

  • Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve

  • To Purchase, Call 1.877.SPIRITS


Jameson Whiskey



Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky

We are friends of Laphroaig—literally—a smoky, peaty gem of a full-flavored Scotch. Members of the Friends of Laphroaig Club (260,000 strong—learn more on the website) each get a lifetime lease on a square foot of the land that protects the water source, the Kilbride stream. Friends also get access to special bottlings, which are wonderful; but so are the various bottlings you can buy Dad locally. Purists love the Cask Strength; we flipped for the Laphroaig 25 Year, a “marriage” of Laphroaig that has been matured in Oloroso Sherry casks (imparting sherried, oaky flavors) and Laphroaig that has been matured in American Bourbon Barrels (creamy, smooth, sweet flavors)—made even more elegant with 25 years of maturing.

  • Laphroaig Single Islay Malt Scotch

    Cask Strength 10 Year Old
    $57.99 at WineSpirits.com
    $292.16 at BeerLiquors.com


Laphroaig 25 Years



Q Tonic:
Artisan Tonic Water

Q Tonic was developed by a gin and tonic lover who realized how much high fructose corn syrup he was ingesting (not to mention, artificial quinine) with every G&T. He sought to make a great artisan product, using hand-picked quinine from the Andes and organic agave from Mexico. The frosted bottles are also a work of art—worthy of pairing with the world’s great gins and gifting to Dads who drink them.

  • Four-Pack
    6.3 Ounce (187ml) Bottles
    $9.99 Suggested Retail Price


Q Tonic Water

Savory Gourmet Gifts


Beecher’s Cheese:
Macaroni & Cheese Kit

Award-winning Beecher’s Cheese, located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, has a gift that’s sure to please Dad: A dinner of macaroni and cheese, made from its mouth-watering artisan cheeses. No American cheese melt here: Dad will cook himself a glorious recipe using one pound of Beecher’s Flagship cheese, a half pound of Beecher’s Just Jack and six ounces of all-natural penne. (He’ll need to supply some flour, milk and butter.) As a permanent gift when the dinner is go Dad gets the book Pure Flavor: 125 Fresh All-American Recipes From The Pacific Northwest, by company head Kurt Beecher Dammeier.

  • Macaroni & Cheese Kit
    Pure Flavor Cookbook


Beecher's Macaroni and Cheese


D'Artagnan Meats:
Wild Game Sausage Sampler

D’Artagnan sells some of the best specialty meats in America (read our full review). We treated ourselves to their gourmet sausage sampler, and were tickled pink (or should that be, golden brown) every morning at breakfast, at lunch (sausage sandwiches in a frankfurter roll and cut into chunks in pasta) and dinner (mixed grill). Any carnivore Dad will be happy with this gift, which includes packages of Duck & Armagnac, Lamb Merguez, Rabbit & Ginger, Venison & Cherry and Wild Boar & Sage sausages. Or, buy the sampler to feed Dad breakfast on his special day.

  • Sausage Sampler
    Five Packages


D'Artagnan Rabbit Ginger Sausage


Gary West Smoked Meats:
Jerky Of The Month Club

Ever since Gary West jerky was named a Top Pick Of The Week (read the review), we’ve been hooked on this moist, tender meat—beef, bison, elk and other treats. Far beyond a gourmet beer snack, we serve it at parties, in hors d’oeuvres and mixed into pasta. Now, there’s a Jerky Of The Month Club, and all we can say is: You’ll have one happy Dad.

  • Three-Month Subscription
    $60.00 to $99.00
  • Six-Month Subscription
    $120.00 to $198.00
  • One-Year Subscription
    $240.00 to $396.00


Gary West Beef Jerky


International Collection:
Green Olive Tapenade

Most Dads love salty, savory nibbles, and olives are a traditional favorite. This green olive tapenade is a divine spread for crackers and bread, a filling for celery or fennel sticks, a stuffing for deviled eggs and pannini. Mix it with soft cheese like chèvre and stuff cherry tomatoes, chicken breasts—the sky’s the limit. There’s a minimum order of six jars, but they’ll go fast (and everyone who tastes it will want one).

  • Green Olive Tapenade
    5.8-Ounce Jar
    Minimum Order 6 Jars

Available at MyBrands.com


Green Olive Tapenade


Rick's Picks:
The Pickle Club


Perhaps the best pickles we’ll ever have, these artisan delights are so good, they’re a Top Pick Of The Week. Lucky Dads will get enrolled in Rick’s Picks Pickle Club, an get four jars sent each quarter. A low calorie give that will transport Dad to gourmet heaven.

  • One-Year Subscription
    16 Jars


Rick's Picks Jar Of Pickles

Sweet Gourmet Gifts


Hickory Syrup & Poplar Syrup

If Dad is a pancake person, he might like a change of pace from the same old syrup. Hickoryworks eschews the traditional maple sap and makes syrup from the bark of the hickory and poplar trees. They’re lighter and less sticky and sweet than maple. And they are most certainly a change of pace.

  • Hickory Syrup
    8 Ounces To 1 Gallon
    $6.00 to $58.00
  • Poplar Syrup
    8 Ounces To 1 Gallon
    $6.00 to $58.00


Hickory Syrup


Molasses Bakery:
Gluten-Free Brownies & Cookies

If Dad has a gluten allergy, here’s a tip: gifts from Molasses Bakery. The brownies, available plain or with dried cherries, are sure to please. The bakery also makes cookies and bars.

  • Half-Dozen Brownies
    $21.00 to $26.00
  • One Dozen Brownies
    $22.00 to $50.00


Gluten-free Brownie



Vosges Haut Chocolate:
Assorted Confections


Who wouldn’t like one or all of these: Mo’s Bacon Bar, a 41% deep milk chocolate bar with bits of applewood bacon, topped with alderwood smoked salt. It’s absolutely fabulous. Ditto for the Organic Peanut Butter Bonbons. Think of a salted peanut butter cup made of the finest ingredients. The PB is mixed with Maldon sea salt and the bonbon is topped with pink Himalayan salt. To top it all off, there’s a riff on chocolate-covered potato chips: Chocolate-covered tortilla chips. Except here, the chocolate is Vosge’s Red Fire, a 55% cacao semisweet chocolate enhanced with ancho and chipotle chiles cinnamon. Woo hoo!

  • Mo's Bacon Bar
  • Peanut Butter Bonbons
    Four Pieces
    Nine Pieces
  • Red Fire Chocolate Tortilla Chips


Vosges Bacon Chocolate BarVosges Chocolate Tortilla Chips
Vosges Peanut Butter Bonbons



Woodhouse Chocolate:
Caramel Helenas


Good enough to create an addiction: Two buttery almond crisps are sandwiched with chewy caramel, then coated in dark or milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Four pieces simply aren’t enough. Available in milk or dark chocolate or a combination. Read our full review of Woodhouse Chocolate, a Top Pick Of The Week.

  • Caramel Helenas
    Four Pieces


Woodhouse Chocolates Caramel Helenas




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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.