Salmon Caviar Forget about the salmon caviar you’ve had elsewhere—The Little Pearl’s is in another category entirely.




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December 2007

Marketplace / Gift-Finder

The Best Luxury Gourmet Food Gifts

Favorite Food Gifts For 2007


What makes a gift luxurious? The cost. Here you’ll find everything from 16 pieces of chocolate for $145 to our first entry, your own lobsterman and lobster trap, for a shade under $3,000. Of course, a deluxe trip to San Francisco for the tea-tasting tour can put you past that. If you don’t find what you want here, take a look at our Luxury Gifts from prior years.

Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.


Catch A Piece Of Maine:
Your Own Lobsterman & Lobster Trap

Give your favorite lobster lover a lobster trap and all of the lobsters caught in it for a year by your personal lobsterman. You can monitor your catch online and ship the lobsters wherever you like—from the sea to your table. You can “accrue” the lobsters in your account or have them shipped weekly; 10% of profits go to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

  • One-Year Membership
    Includes all lobsters caught in your trap, 40-50 or more, plus mussels,
    clams and extras
    $2,995.00 Includes Shipping

Your own lobsterman, your own trap.

The Glenlivet Cellar Collection 1969

How great is a great Scotch? Some bottles are as valuable as the greatest wines. The greatest Bordeaux or Port at 38 years old would be at its peak. So, too with this rare vintage of The Glenlivet—hand-selected from the finest casks of 1969 and bottled at natural cask strength. It’s an extremely smooth, velvety whisky, with a delicate nose and lengthy finish. Only 800 bottles are available in the U.S.

  • 750ml Bottle

The Glenlivit 1969

Cheese Of The Month Club


Every cheese we’ve had from this company—a specialist that sells 800 cheeses—has been special indeed. The best way to keep trying them all is to join the Cheese Of The Month Club. Each month you’ll receive three cheeses along a related theme, with tasting notes and suggested wine pairings.

  • 12 Months

Crutin Truffle Cheese
Crutin, an Italian sheep’s milk cheese with black truffles.


The Little Pearl:
Caviar Club

This company sells the finest sustainable caviar—no fish are killed to harvest the eggs, as they are in the Caspian Sea. Every bite of every caviar we tried was a special experience, which is why this was a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week—read our full review. You can get a shipment of a different caviar every month; and if you’re feeling really flush, you can have a caviar sommelier come to you to conduct a tasting for 8 to 10.

  • Caviar Club
    $65.00/Month; $780/Year
  • Caviar Tasting With Sommelier
    $1,200 & Up, Plus Travel Expenses

Black Caviar
Photo by Kelly Cline.


Nespresso Latissima:
Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

The Latissima is the espresso machine we’ve been waiting for. So easy to use for espresso or cappuccino—just the touch of a button, using capsules with a choice of top-quality roasts. We cracked open the piggy bank, and we’re in espresso heaven.

  • Nespresso Latissima
    $599.00 to $699.00

Nespresso Latissima


Pierre Marcolini:
Tartufo d’Alba Thins

Here‘s the real “chocolate truffle”—Pierre Marcolini’s magnificent bittersweet chocolate with pieces of Alba truffle—the costliest food in the world. These limited edition chocolates incorporate the unique aroma and distinct flavor of the white Alba truffle, or tartufo d’Alba, with a milk and dark chocolate ganache created with Java cacao beans, enrobed in dark chocolate. A divine indulgence.

  • Tartufo d’Alba
    16 Thins

White Truffle And Chocolate

White truffles and chocolate.


San Francisco:
Tea Trip

Many people go to San Francisco for the sights, the fine dining and the nearby wine country. Now there’s a reason for tea lovers to make the trek: the newly-published The Way to Tea: Your Adventure Guide to San Francisco Tea Culture, by Jennifer Leigh Sauer. Send your tea lover to San Francisco along with the book to pilgrimage to the 18 places that will make a tea-lover’s heart flutter. From Gong Fu Cha, the formal Chinese tea presentation in Ying clay teapots at the Imperial Tea Court to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park to actually studying the Japanese tea ceremony at the Urasenke Foundation. There’s the Tea Garden Springs holistic health spa in Mill Valley on one end and a tea nightclub (tea-based cocktails) on the other. If you’re in the chips, stay at the Ritz Carlton, where the luxurious afternoon tea service with harpist is a beauty to behold.

  • The Way to Tea
    $14.93 on
  • Trip To San Francisco
    Call Your Travel Planner!

Golden Gate Bridge

Photo of Golden Gate Bridge by Audrey Johnson | SXC.

The Way To Tea

Tea Guide To San Francisco.


Vosges Chocolate:
Sensory Collection


A connoisseur’s guide to chocolate tasting, this gift is both delicious and educational. It’s designed to develop your sense of smell and ability to recognize and articulate the aromas of varietal chocolate. The boxed set includes 40 single origin bars and 42 vials of aromas—essences of banana, cocoa butter, tobacco, earth, etc.), a flavor wheel and a comprehensive chocolate guidebook.

  • Sensory Collection, Limited Edition

Vosges Sensory Collection
Forty aroma vials help you understand the flavors and aromas in the chocolate bars.


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© Copyright 2005-2018 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.