Hancock Gourmet Lobster Pot Pie The Lobster Pot Pie is just one of many yummy dishes your happy recipient will enjoy from Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company’s Lobster of the Month Club.




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December 2006

Marketplace / Gift-Finder

Luxury Gifts

A Bit More Money, A Lot More Memory


Last year, luxury meant caviar and foie gras. This year it means a gift-a-month, thanks to some top-quality “food of the month” programs. It means every month when the package arrived, you’ll be remembered as the munificent donor (and if you live nearby, you may be invited for a taste). But we’re not just about food you can eat: We’ve also included some luxurious food-scented products that food-lovers can joyously apply to their skin (great for dieters—they’re calorie-free).

Food Of The Month Clubs  

Recchiuti Chocolate:
Club Recchiuti


The person who gets this gift will be dancing for joy: all of the top hits of one of America’s great chocolatiers. Delicious bonbons, a fabulous S’mores Kit, Fleur de Sel Caramels... send this to someone near you so you can share.

  • Club Recchiuti
    $125.00 For 3-Month Membership
    $230.00 For 6-Month Membership
    $335.00 For 9-Month Membership
    $425.00 For 12-Month Membership


Recchiuti Chocolate



Flying Noodle Gourmet:
Barbecue Sauce Of The Month Club


Barbecue aficionados travel to all the great barbecue capitals—from Nashville, Tennessee to San Antonio, Texas and all points in-between. With a membership to the Barbecue Sauce of the Month Club, your BBQ-loving friends will get two different varieties of the best sauces from all over the country delivered to their door so they can have a bit of the experience without boarding a plane.

  • Barbecue Sauce Of The Month Club
    $107.70 For 6-Month Membership
    $203.40 For 12-Month Membership


BBQ Sauce of the Month



Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company:
Lobster Of The Month Club

There’s no finer luxury than lobster. This exclusive club brings such delicacies as the Lobster Wellington, with its creamy pâté and flakey crust, and the award-winning Pemaquid Point Lobster Pot Pie, brimming with Maine lobster meat and adorned with lobster-shaped puff pastry decorations (read our full review by clicking on the link above).

  • Lobster Of The Month Club
    $215.00 For 3-Month Membership
    $460.00 For 6-Month Membership


Lobster Wellington



Murray’s Cheese:
Cheese Of The Month Club


One of the greatest cheese stores in America has selected such celebrated limited-production cheeses  for this club that after the first month, your recipient will be waiting at the mailbox. All cheeses are accompanied by a detailed description.

  • Murray’s Cheese Of The Month Club
    $300.00 for 6-Month Membership
    $550.00 for 12-Month Membership


Murray's Cheese of the Month

Read our review of the Murray’s Cheese Handbook.



Savenor’s Meat Of The Month Club


Savenor’s Market, Julia Child’s butcher of choice, designed their Meat Of The Month Club with the pickiest carnivores in mind. Each month, a different meat of impeccable quality will be shipped to the lucky club member. Included are such lust-inducing meats as Heart-Shaped Tenderloin (for February, of course) and the fabled Turducken.

  • Savenor’s Meat Of The Month Club
    $479.28 per Year for 2 People
    $908.67 per Year for 4 People


Savenor's Meat Rack of Lamb

A different gourmet cut or roast each month from Julia Child’s butcher: that’s luxury! Image courtsey of Savenor's Market.

Personal Care  

Wine-Based Skin Care For Men & Women

You may have heard the buzz on resveratrol, which has anti-aging properties. The d’vine ® skin care line, developed for spas, incorporates resveratrol with polyphenols, grape seed extracts, wine extract and l-tartaric acid to keep your skin at its healthiest and most youthful. The Petite Sirah Cleanser uses a raspberry extract to keep skin fresh and the Zinfandel Scrub is an incredible exfoliant. The products smell d’vine®, too, but resist the urge to taste them.

  • d’vine® Wine Skin Care
    30 Products Available
    Petite Sirah Cleanser, $43.90
    Zinfandel Scrub/Mask, $29.90
    Lambrusco Men’s Moisturizer, $49.90
  • Order From Miami Lakes Dermatology


Petite Syrah Cleanser
Women’s line: Petite Sirah Cleanser.
The men’s line is packaged in grey pinstripes.



Temper Chocolates:
Temperare Chocolate Perfumes

This Boston emporium that sells the world’s finest chocolates has created its own chocolate-inspired fine perfumes. All are very elegant and will invite compliments. Temperare 01 is light and fruity: think citrus and pear, with undertones of chocolate: We’d wear it during the day. Temperare 02 (the best-seller) has principal notes of jasmine and lily plus chocolate. It’s bolder and sexier (think Joy plus chocolate): We’d wear it in the evening. Temperare 03 is moss, fig and sage with the lightest touch of chocolate: a lovely and distinctive scent but to our nose, the chocolate blends in. The first two won’t make the wearer smell like a bonbon, but once invited to notice the chocolate, you know it’s there. Very exciting! There’s a $15 sample vial kit if you want to try all three first.

  • Temperare 01 and 03
  • Temperare 02


Temperare Perfume




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© Copyright 2005-2018 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.