Fig Pumpkin Bonbons
John & Kira’s Fig Pumpkin Bonbons are a fall specialty: tender figs filled with a whiskey and clove ganache and wrapped in pumpkin-tinted white chocolate.




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Why are they special? They don’t fall into a common category of confection...and they’re very, very good. Whether you’re looking for products for yourself or for gifts, you can buy all of these online. Check out for more candy, and use the Contact Us link on this page to tell us about your favorites.

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Nibble Tip

Keep some boxes of pâtes de fruits* in the pantry. They’re so versatile: for when friends drop by for tea or coffee; when you need to round out a petit fours plate; as an accent on a dessert plate; when guests can’t eat your regular dessert due to nut or chocolate allergies. In fact, if you’ve forgotten the dessert, or the soufflé flops, bring out a beautiful plate of these jewels and no one will be the wiser. The dense concentration of fruit makes them as much a fruit dessert as a candy.

*Pronounced POT duh froo-EE

Recchiuti Pate de Fruits Michael Recchiuti’s pâtes de fruits come in apricot, Morello cherry, passion fruit, pear-lime and other delicious flavors.


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