Flavour Creations and Coffee Cup
Eight great Flavour Creations choices enhance your coffee—rich flavors with no artificial taste, no sweetener, and no calories!



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June 2005

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Flavour Creations Coffee Flavoring Tablets

Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, No Calories, Lots of Taste



When we came across Flavour Creations’ coffee flavoring tablets in an attractive, conveniently pocket-sized metal case, it was a blinding revelation of the obvious: why hadn’t someone come up with this great idea before?

Coffee flavorings have been popular since Starbucks mushroomed throughout America, enticing us to add a shot of flavored syrup to our java.

The bottled flavored syrups used by specialty coffee shops— which are available in sugar-free flavors as well as regular—aren’t sold in consumer channels. Even if they were, you’re probably not going to tote around a 750 ml. bottle.  But Flavour Creations has rather brilliantly solved the problem by concentrating all of the flavor provided by syrups into a tiny tablet that you just pop into your coffee, and voilà!

PackageEight choices range from coffee flavor mainstays like Almond Amaretto, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Irish Crème to specialties like Cinnamon Pecan, Dutch Chocolate, English Toffee, and White Chocolate Raspberry.  Even better than using the syrups, Flavor Creations tablets are unsweetened: they’re pure flavor. You add the sweetener (via Splenda©, e.g.), so you have total control over whether you want your coffee a little sweet, a lot sweet, or without any sweetness at all.

(We generally drink our coffee with milk, no sugar, and loved the enhancement of the Flavour Creations tablets without any added sweetener. When we added Splenda®, we liked it sweetened, too, because it was so much less sweet than the syrups.)

At just $2.99 for a tin of 48 tablets, you can try all eight flavors and have fun with them:

  • Brew one pot of coffee and let everyone chooser his/her own flavor
  • Become a mixologist: combine tablets to create your own “signature blend”
  • Add zing to diet hot cocoas and other beverages
  • Add to other dishes—there are recipes on the website for Banana Breakfast Smoothie, Mocha Dessert Sauce, and Almond Tiramisu Parfait that will inspire you to create your own
  • And, you can crush tablets to stir into cold beverages (or dissolve them in a teaspoon of hot water).

Plus, at $2.99 a tin, for the price of a shot at Starbucks you can make your own specialty cup every day for six weeks!


Almond Amaretto, Cinnamon Pecan, Dutch Chocolate, English Toffee, Hazelnut, Irish Crème, French Vanilla, White Chocolate Raspberry

  • Tin Of One Flavor
    48 Tablets

Purchase online at FlavourCreations.com





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