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Michael Season's
Michael Season’s multigrain, reduced-fat chips have 110 calories per ounce, and contribute 12g of whole grains to your daily goal of 48g. Photo by Daniela Cuevas | THE NIBBLE.  


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 Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles

Diet, Low Calorie & Low Carb, Snacks

We’re always looking for great-tasting, low-calorie snacks.  Click on the link to tell us about your favorite snacks.

Sugar-Free & No Sugar Added



Nibble Tip

A snack that might seem not-so-special, like a fruit bowl, becomes very exciting just by re-configuring it into these engaging fruit kabobs—served with a low calorie dip (sugar-free yogurt, e.g.). If your calories allow, add some cubes of Cheddar or other semihard cheese.

fruit kabobs
Fruit ‘n Cheese Dippers copyright © 1995 Land
O'Lakes, Inc.


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