Maple Bacon Chocomels. All photography courtesy H.S. Chocolate Company.




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STEPHANIE ZONIS is a contributing editor.



December 2012

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Candy

H.S. Chocolate Company

Chocomels (Chocolate Caramels) & More


Check out all of the very special gourmet food gifts in this series.


Is it wrong for an adult to salivate at the mere thought of a confection? I certainly hope not, considering that my typical reaction to just contemplating the Chocomels from H.S. Chocolate Co. is practically Pavlovian.

If you’re wondering what a Chocomel might be, think chocolate + caramel, and you’ll catch on to the idea of these chocolate-covered squares of chewy richness made in a variety of flavors, some garnished with salt crystals.

Before you roll your eyes at the thought of yet another brand of salt caramel, recognize that these are different, because they’re so well-executed.

Salt caramels are all about flavor balance; you should be able to taste the various components of the confection, and they should harmonize with one another. Many salt caramels are too salty or have undetectable caramel presence, but these are just right.

You’ll taste the caramels (and they’re mighty fine caramels, too), you’ll know the chocolate is there (yet it’s not overwhelming or too bittersweet for the caramels), and the salt’s crunch and presence are in ideal proportions.

But wait, there’s so much more! H.S. Chocolate Co. has upped the ante with Maple Bacon Chocomels. (Now can I drool openly?) Alderwood-smoked salt (inside the Chocomel rather than on top of it), the delightful smoky/meaty goodness of bacon, and a hint of maple syrup distinguish this goodie.

There are other varieties of Chocomel available, too: Apple Thyme, Bananas Foster, Beer & Peanut.

And you can choose which you’d like in your box, which is the way all good chocolatiers should be.


Bananas Foster Chocolate Caramels

Beyond Chocomels

Think that’s all there is? Ha! H.S. Chocolate Co. also makes their own candy bars: large, thick bars (3 ounces each) in selections such as:

  • Raspberry Ragtime, with hazelnut nougat and dark chocolate raspberry ganache, (my favorite)
  • Troop 652: sea salt caramel, toasted coconut, and dark chocolate
  • Other charmers include Almond Dandy, A Clockwork Orange, Figgy Blue, Peanut Butter Trance and Pumpkin Spice
  Gourmet Chocolate Bars
Beautifully wrapped chocolate bars.

Made with the same quality ingredients as the Chocomels (plus a few more), it’s no wonder these bars are in a league of their own.

A Chocolate of the Month Club has recently been introduced, nice for gifts.


Whole, Shelled & Much More

  • Chocomels
    Box of 4, $8.00
    Box of 8, $16.00
  • Candy Bars
    3 Ounces Each
  • Four Mini Bar Sampler
    6 Ounces Total
  • Many other products available,
    including candies & spreads

Buy online at


Prices are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional.

A box of 8 Chocomels: heaven!


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