ToffeeHot stuff: Cowgirl Chocolates’ toffee is peppered with cayenne for some sweet heat. All photos by Michael Steele.





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September 2007

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Cowgirl Chocolates Spicy Toffee

Toffee With A Kick


CAPSULE REPORT: Several months ago, Cowgirl Chocolates was a Top Pick Of The Week for its exciting line of spicy confections. We mentioned the toffee only briefly, because we knew it deserved its own special review in our toffee section. It’s as good as any toffee we’ve tasted, with its own uniqueness—cayenne pepper, which makes it hot stuff indeed. But not too hot—the Cowgirl even points out on her website that some people eat for breakfast. We agree: Enjoy it every chance you get.

Toffee lovers—and we know that there are many of you out there—may divide into groups. Those who, once having found a great classic toffee like Enstrom’s Buttercrunch, happily order it over and over again, ‘til the end of their toffee-eating days.

Then there are the adventurers, always wondering what other adventure awaits. They’ve found Lula Belle’s white chocolate pecan toffee or perhaps Cary’s Of Oregon’s chai toffee. Then, there are the addictive charms of the trio of toffees from Lillie Belle Farms: Cocoa Nib, Pistachio Almond and Spicy Pecan.

But there’s a new spicy toffee in town, and she’s bigger and spicier than any that have come before. Made in in the wide open spaces of Moscow, Idaho (just down the road a “big” piece from Lillie Belle Farms, in Oregon’s Rogue Valley), this is big toffee for big appetites.

Thick slabs of butter toffee with large pieces of hazelnuts—about 1/2 inch thick—are covered in excellent dark chocolate and surfaced with crushed nuts. This is no wimpy Eastern toffee. Don’t bother breaking off delicate little pieces. If the Cowgirl had wanted little squares of toffee, she’d have made it that way.

Not only is Roasted Hazelnut Toffee for big appetites, it’s also for people who like a little cayenne sizzle. Unlike the hot Habañero Caramels we wrote about in our earlier review of Cowgirl Chocolates, these offer just a nice buzz.

Toffee - Cowgirl Chocolates

The toffee is sold in in 8-ounce (half-pound) and one-pound gift boxes that are delightful. But if you don’t need the special packaging, go for the plain package and get more toffee for your dollar.


Spicy Chocolate-Covered Roasted Hazelnut Toffee

  • 8-Ounce Gift Bag
  • 1-Pound Gift Box
  • 1-Pound Plain Bag

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Cowgirl Chocolates Toffee


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