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These eggs were gathered from different heritage breeds of chickens. These are the natural colors of the shells: The eggs are not dyed, and no color enhancements have been made to this photo. Photo by Hudson Bedell | IST.



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Eggs—they’re no longer a simple topic, as you’ll see when you read our Egg Glossary. With all of the different specialty eggs on the market, perhaps it’s time to consider if “regular” eggs are still right for you! Whether you use them for boiled eggs, egg nog, deviled eggs, egg salad, poached or scrambled eggs (or your favorite preparation) or use them to bake cakes, you want the freshest eggs for the best flavor.

As an ingredient, egg yolks are important emulsifier/binder, and the proteins in egg whites have been instrumental in the modern foams and aerated sauces.

TIP: Remember that you can tell a raw egg from a boiled egg by spinning it in the shell. A boiled egg is solid on the inside, so it will spin freely; while the liquid contents of the raw egg cause it to wobble and stop spinning after a few rotations.

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The Difference Between Deviled Eggs & Stuffed Eggs

Stuffed eggs were a popular dish as far back as the Roman Empire. There are many different recipes for stuffed eggs, but the term “deviled eggs” originated in 18th-century England. “Deviled” refers to the use of hot spices or condiments in a recipe—paprika, mustard, hot sauce, horseradish, chiles, etc.

  Deviled Eggs
Paprika is a “hot” spice that makes these eggs “deviled” instead of stuffed. Photo courtesy of McCormick.


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