Decorated CookieThis slice of “watermelon” is a delicious shortbread cookie. Photography by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



July 2009

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Cookies

Fancypants Bakery

Fancy Shortbread Cookie Gifts, 100% Nut Free


CAPSULE REPORT: Anyone who sends decorated cookie gifts will be happy to discover Fancypants Bakery. The buttery shortbread cookies are many cuts above the sugary sugar cookie bouquets. Note to anyone wanting to send us a decorated cookie gift: We prefer these.


Fancypants Cookies Overview

Education’s loss is cookiedom’s gain. Two bright young educators, armed with master’s degrees from top schools, were pursuing their careers when cookies called. Now, Maura Duggan and Justin Housman are the proprietors of Fancypants Bakery. At least the kids are learning what a good cookie is.

The cookies, individually wrapped and nicely packaged, are fun gifts, party fare and general pick-me-ups. And, sensitive to the allergies that children (and grown-ups) face, Fancypants Bakery is 100% nut free.

Shortbread Cookie Designs

Why are Fancypants cookies different from other decorated cookies that get sent our way? These are fine-quality shortbread cookies. You can taste the buttery goodness that comes from all natural ingredients, including enriched wheat flour, butter, pure cane sugar, eggs, vanilla and cream of tartar. Coloring is used only in the decorator’s icing, which is not cloyingly sweet, but, like the shortbread, just as sweet as it needs to be.

The joyously colorful cookies are treat enough: four to five inches in length, they can serve as party favors and place settings. Whatever your party’s theme, there’s probably a cookie that’s perfect for it, from the broad spectrum of:

Fish Cookie
Are these shortbread fish on their way to “school?”
  • Animals (every favorite land, sea
    and sky critter)
  • Baby
  • Business (custom logo)
  • Birthday
  • Sports
  • Wedding

Cookies are sold as individual designs or in themed gift boxes.

The difference between Fancypants and other decorated cookies is twofold.

  • Most other cookies are sugar cookies, not pure butter shortbread cookies. Sugar cookies have a higher ratio of flour to provide a harder surface for decorating; the focus is less on the flavor.

While there are some good decorated sugar cookies, many we’ve tried have been so disappointing that we weren’t able to foist them off on NIBBLE staff members to take home! That includes more than a few of the “cookie bouquets” that may look good, but really don’t taste all that great.

Fancypants cookies are priced similarly to cookie bouquets and other cookie gifts that can’t hold a candle to them in quality. As the Hallmark folks advise, “when you care enough to send the very best” in decorated cookies, start here.

Fancypants Bakery

Decorated Shortbread Cookie Gifts

  • Shortbread Cookies
    Single Design
    Minimum Order 12
    $4.00 Each
  • Gift Box Selections
    6 Cookie Gift - $29.99
    9 Cookie Gift - $39.99
    12 Cookie Gift - $49.99
  • Business Logo/Design Cookies
    Minimum Order 10 Boxes
    6 Cookie Gift - $29.99
    9 cookie gift - $39.99
    12 cookie gift - $49.99

Purchase online* at


Sandal Cookies
Run, don’t walk, to get your share of these yummy treats.