Sugardaddy's Biscotti
The Brownie Biscotti is a welcome new riff on classic biscotti: very tasty and yielding to the teeth.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



April 2008

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Cookies

Sugardaddy’s Brownie Biscotti

Softer, Gentler Biscotti Gifts


CAPSULE REPORT: Like biscotti, but have a fear of risking your dental work? Love brownies and want new ways to enjoy them? Sugardaddy’s has cleverly converted the company’s moist, rich brownies into crunchy Brownie Biscotti, shaping and baking them twice (which is how biscotti are made). Great for gifts as well as for personal enjoyment, this new take on biscotti will earn fans among those who don’t cotton to the classic style, as well as those who do.

Sugardaddy’s, makers of a delicious round brownie (read our review), has taken on classic Italian biscotti, using a brownie recipe. The result: biscotti that don’t need to be dunked to achieve softness—they’re born that way. These are not brownies shaped like biscotti, but biscotti made from brownie batter instead of a traditional biscotti recipe. Because brownies have butter in the recipe and regular biscotti have no fat,* brownie biscotti yield pleasantly to the teeth, like a regular cookie.

* A typical recipe has flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, salt, nuts and flavorings, including extracts.

Cleverly, the biscotti are made from cut-away portions of the brownies the company already bakes. To make Sugardaddy’s round, “edgeless” brownies (photo at right), the leftover brownie “material” lining the sides of the brownie pan are shaped into biscotti and baked again. (Bis cotto means twice cooked, in Latin; regular biscotti are baked in a loaf, cut into individual slices and baked again.)

The process creates a dryer, harder, brownie-biscotti. The shape is pure biscotti, but the flavor is definitely brownie. It’s a very creative idea that pays off.

The brownies and biscotti are made of premium ingredients, from the butter, sugar, eggs, unbleached flour and pure vanilla extract to top-quality chocolate, raspberry purée, and nuts.

Of course, you can enjoy Brownie Biscotti with coffee. But bring on the tea, milk, spirits, even a nice wheat beer or lambic.

Brownie Tower
The biscotti are made from the trimmed
edges of Sugardaddy’s round brownies.
Photo by Melody Lan.

“Blonde” Brownie Biscotti Flavors

Like the round brownies, the biscotti come in “brunettes” (chocolate brownie) and “blondes” (blondie brownie) flavors.

Enjoy your biscotti with a warm dipping sauce,
such as fudge or caramel.

  • Cinnamon Brownie Biscotti. A “coffee cake” approach to biscotti, with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and pecans, this flavor has universal appeal.
  • Nutty Brownie Biscotti. Whole roasted almonds, cashews and pecans make this one of the crunchier of the group.
  • Tahiti. The most complex in flavors, Tahiti transports you with toasted coconut, cashews, white and dark chocolate chunks and pineapple. The pineapple is very subtle: If you don’t like pineapple, you won’t really taste it.

Each of these was delicious with a glass of Amaretto.

The “Brunette” Brownie Biscotti

When taking a bite of Dark Berry, one our in-the-dark tasters remarked, “It tastes like a brownie!” Think of these as the evolution of the brownie for sophisticated palates.
  • Auburn Original. Double chocolate Brownie Biscotti, made of bittersweet chocolate and a touch of espresso, plus chocolate chunks and walnut pieces.
  • Auburn Original—No Nut. Don’t like nuts? Order the double chocolate Brownie Biscotti without them.
  • Dark Berry. The delicious combination of dark chocolate and raspberry. Enjoy it with a glass of framboise or a Belgian lambic.
Chocolate Raspberry Biscotti

Whether you want a treat for yourself, something to offer guests they haven’t tried before, or a nice little gift that doesn’t break the bank, reach for a bag of Brownie Biscotti.


SUGARDADDY’s Brownie biscotti

Brownie Biscotti

  • 10 Biscotti
    In Two Cello Bags
  • Gift Set
    2 Bags (10 Biscotti) Plus
    12-Ounce Roasted Coffee

Purchase online at
or telephone 1.888.449.2681.

Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping additional.

Sugardaddy's Biscotti
Here, biscotti in a limited edition silver gift bag. The regular cello bags are shown in the photo above.