ice cream dome

All this takes is assembling! A scoop of ice cream, napolitans of chocolate (buy them or cut them from a scored bar), Knipschildt Chocolate Dulce de Leche Sauce, and some citrus accents: candied grapefruit peel and orange segments.



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Knipschildt’s Butterscotch Sauce was one of KAREN HOCHMAN’s favorite products at the 2004 Chocolate Show. She looks forward to seeing the Knipschildt “candy counter” again at this year’s show in November.

May 2005

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Knipschildt Dessert Sauces

A Master Chocolatier Gets Saucy


Fritz Knipschildt is one of America’s great chocolatiers, so when he makes a line of dessert sauces, we pay attention. We’re glad we did, because his Butterscotch Sauce may be the best of the genre that we’ve ever had.

It’s so simple...just caramelized sugar, fresh cream, and a pinch of salt. Why doesn’t every butterscotch sauce taste like this?

We’re not going to ponder that question—we’re just going to enjoy the sauce—on ice cream, on cakes of all description (pound cake, chocolate cake, and carrot cake for starters), on any fruit pie, poached pears, baked apples, and to garnish any dessert plate. We put it in our Cabinet of Magic Tricks—that pantry shelf that houses all the emergency specialty foods we never want to run out of because they transform the plain and ordinary into the special and wonderful, for guests or other occasions when we need to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

We don’t mean to neglect the other, lovely siblings: Spiced Chocolate, Chocolate Dulce de Leche, and, although it seems like an also-ran in this jazzy company, just plain Chocolate.

Of course, nothing from Knipschildt is ever plain, as you’ll see the moment you click over to his dazzling website. The biggest challenge is what to try first.

Might we suggest one jar of each dessert sauce and an ice cream party for your foodie friends, so that you can make a personal evaluation. Just do it—when was the last time anyone was invited to an ice cream party without kids?

P.S. Order extra Butterscotch.


Butterscotch, Chocolate, Chocolate Dulce de Leche, Spiced Chocolate

  • 8-Ounce Jar

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dessert saucesStanding shoulder to shoulder in dessert sauce solidarity: surely you must order one of each.