Honey on toast tastes even better when it’s gourmet honey. Photo by Vaskoni | IST.




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STEPHANIE ZONIS is a contributing editor.



December 2012

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Honey

Grampa’s Gourmet Honey

This Artisan Honey Is The Bee’s Knees


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We need to have a talk about honey.

Honey is an under-appreciated food in this country, usually relegated to the grocery store shelf. Much of it is low-quality and imported because it’s cheap.

All of that is a shame, because there is some spectacular honey being produced in the U.S. As is the case with many foods offered by smaller-scale, artisan businesses, it’s often just a question of getting the word out, letting people know that there are better alternatives to what they’ve been purchasing for years.

Grampa’s Gourmet Honey is one of those small, artisan businesses.

As Brent Edelen is a sixth generation beekeeper, perhaps it’s fair to say that keeping bees runs in his family. He gathers and bottles several varieties of honey. If you’ve only had the clear grocery store honey, this honey is going to differ. With one exception, it’s varietal honey, whereas almost all supermarket honey is a blend.

Varietal Honey: It’s Not Blended

Varietal honey is produced by bees who have collected nectar from one source, whereas blends result from nectar foraged from multiple sources. Varietal honey has a distinct taste, depending upon its source.

The honey from Grampa’s Gourmet Honey has not been processed at high temperatures (most supermarket honey is heated to high temperatures so it will thin drastically, which makes it easier to pump through filters and into bottles).

And these special honeys aren’t filtered. What you’re left with are honeys that retain their pollen and enzymes. They will be opaque, not clear, in the bottle, but they retain their character and flavor. They are far more complex than just “sweet.”

I particularly enjoy the Grandpa’s Wildflower Honey as well as the White Honey. White Honey, by the way, is a creamed honey gathered and blended from multiple floral sources. All honey crystallizes naturally over time, but this honey is deliberately crystallized.

Since the crystals are kept very small and fine, the honey is velvety smooth. It’s easily spreadable, so it’s a little less messy than liquid honey—a nice plus if you have young’uns who like to help themselves.

Grampa’s Gourmet Honey has a varietal sampler, but any of the varieties would make a delicious gift all by itself.

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Spreadable white honey. Photo courtesy Grampa’s Gourmet Honey.

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Fine Artisan Honeys

  • Wildflower Honey or White

    12-Ounce Bottle
  • A nice selection of other varietal honeys is also available

Buy online at GrampasHoney.com.


Prices are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional.

A gift or stocking stuffer for the foodie. Photo courtesy Grampa’s Gourmet Honey.


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