Thai beef is a cinch with ChiliCha or SoyCha as a marinade. Photo by Suprinjono Suharjoto | Fotolia.



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June 2010

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Palcha Asian Marinade & Salad Dressing

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SoyCha Salad Dressing & Asian Marinade

Less spicy than ChiliCha, SoyCha was Palcha’s initial attempt at spreading homey Asian flavors among Americans unfamiliar with Thai food. When poured out of the bottle, we couldn’t help but notice the intoxicating aroma of the classic combination of soy and sesame.

If the aroma alone doesn’t spike your curiosity, the flavor will certainly get your full attention. The initial flavors are your usual suspects—umami rich soy, nutty sesame seed—are well balanced and pleasing.

However, if you keep analyzing it, subtle notes of citrus and a dark sweetness start to come forth, together with the perfect balance of vinegar to cut through any cloying or overly sweet flavors. It excites the palate.

We first used SoyCha over some delicate mesclun greens, and in this application, it sings.

We then started experimenting and found it to be way more useful than your run-of-the-mill dressing.

It was so versatile that you might need a gallon to satiate your curiosity. Try it:

SoyCha’s flavors are well-balanced with an intoxicating aroma of soy and sesame.
  • As a marinade to lightly flavor just about any white fish
  • To dress your next tuna or salmon tartare and top with chopped chives and cilantro
  • As a dipping sauce for your next meat or egg roll dish
  • As a dressing to drizzle over your next salmon or black cod dish

The final Palcha product, Tipsee Sesame is gluten-free. As  soon as we finish this review, we’re going to order a bottle.

With its sesame flavor profile, a light drizzle of Tipsee would be great to finish off any stir-fry. This popular flavor profile should also lend itself well to chilled soba or pasta noodles. Mixed with a tablespoon of peanut butter, a few drops of rice vinegar, scallions and shredded carrots, and you would end up with a deliciously healthy Thai style noodle salad.

And spread the word about Palcha.

Palcha Products

Soy Sauce-Based Salad Dressings & Marinades

  • Two-Bottle Case
  • Three-Bottle Case
  • Four-Bottle Case

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