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Wild Kitty Raw All-Natural Cat Food allows you to give your cat a highly nutritious meal.




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BETH COLLINS is a Contributing Editor.


July 2006

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Pet Gourmet

Wild Kitty

Raw, All-Natural Cat Food

CAPSPULE REPORT: The first all-natural frozen raw cat food is made with all-natural whole meats and top-quality organic vegetables and fruits. It’s gourmet cat food that fit for human consumption...although if you and Kitty are sharing a meal, you might want to cook yours. It’s better for Kitty...and our cats loved it!

Thanks to a revised food pyramid, mandatory nutrition-facts labels, and a heightened awareness of health in general, we’ve become a nation of label-scanners. Every time we pick up a new product, we know to read the ingredients list for suspicious –ates and –ites; check the nutrition label for sugars, fats, calories and sodium; and look for the new “Whole-Grains” label. Obsessive, maybe, but in a country plagued by obesity and diabetes, you have to consider this progress.

Why, then, do so many of us reach for a 20-pound bag of whatever cat food is on sale without so much as a glance at the ingredients list? If we deserve high-quality ingredients, why don’t our pets? We’re not getting cat-lady crazy here, but even the most unsentimental cat-owner has to admit that a diet of highly processed animal waste-products is probably not ideal for your feline.

The makers of Wild Kitty Cat Food agree. Troubled by the sub-par quality of most commercially prepared cat food, they set out to make their own. Their approach was simple: look at a cat’s natural diet and create a cat food that mirrors it. The result was Wild Kitty Cat Food, the first all-natural frozen raw cat food. Instead of animal waste products, Wild Kitty is made with all-natural whole meats and top-quality organic vegetables and fruits. Whereas most commercial pet foods are formulated to meet minimum nutritional requirements, Wild Kitty has such high standards that it is even fit for human consumption (we’ll take their word for it…).

Of course, the ingredients could be the best in the world, the recipe meticulously executed, but if cats didn’t like the food, none of that would matter. As any NIBBLE reader knows, we wouldn’t dream of recommending something without testing it first, so we looked to our two favorite felines—Annie and Gus—to sample each of the four flavors. Judging by their response, Wild Kitty Cat Food gets a big “paws-up.” They scarfed down the Tuna with Conch the first day, polished off the Duck with Clam the second, and devoured both the Chicken with Clam and the Turkey with Clam the third.

Do Annie and Gus know that Wild Kitty Cat Food is better for them than their ordinary dry food? Fat chance. Will they be better off for eating it? Absolutely. And for their label-scrutinizing owners, that’s reason enough to make Wild Kitty a staple of these felines’ food supply.

Raw, All-Natural Cat Food in Chicken with Clam, Duck with Clam, Turkey with Clam and Tuna with Conch

  • 3.5-Ounce Container
    Any Flavor
    1-Pound Container
    $7.49 to $7.99

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Thanks to Wild Kitty, now you can give
your cats the high quality food that they

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