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November 30, 2004

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When Corny Is Great

Recently we wandered into a new fresh-popped corn emporium in eager anticipation. We left disappointed because all the flavors smacked of artificiality. The caramel corn, our favorite, had more sugar than a sugar bowl.

Imagine our delight a week later when a Chicago Nibbler sent us a combo tin of Garrett

caramel corn
Popcorn so good, you could eat half a gallon and still want more.

Caramel Crisp® and cheese corn. Caramel Crisp® is what caramel corn should be: real butter and brown sugar coating large kernels of firm, crisp corn. Choose your nut—pecan, cashew or macademia—or have it plain. The caramel recipe is in perfect balance, not too sweet.  Even after eating half a gallon (yes, it is that addictive), you won’t have that “ugh, why did I eat all that” feeling.  Buy a can, sneak a diamond ring a few inches beneath the surface, nibble casually with your sweetheart, and voilà—a far tastier marriage proposal prop than a box of Cracker Jacks®.

Hiding gifts is a bit messier in the cheese corn, but devoteès will not be disappointed. Made with pure cheddar, it is cheese corn as the inventor of the genre meant it to be.  Garrett uses nothing artificial, no preservatives, and sends instructions to eat immediately—no microwaving.  We hope we're not deluding ourselves, but Garrett popcorn does taste like a healthy snack.

Next time we’re in Chicago, we will join the long lines at Garrett’s retail locations and get hot corn right from the popper. In the interim, we'll order more tins of Garrett's addictive caramel and cheese corns by phone or online (they also have buttered and plain varieties). The corn is made fresh that day and FedExed. With one-gallon tins starting at $20 and FedEx at $15, enjoying Garrett corn costs substantially more than buying a bag at the store. But if you’re a popcorn lover and want to know how good it can be, it’s worth treating yourself.

NOTE:  Don’t buy more than you’ll eat in 2-3 days. This beauty of this popcorn is in its freshness.


Cheese Corn and Caramel Crisp

  • 2-gallon can, half cheese corn, half
    Caramel Crisp®
    $41 plus shipping
  • Shipping
    $23 2-day FedEx
    $33 overnight FedEx
  • 1-gallon single-flavor cans from $20 plus shipping
corn kernel

    Caramel Crisp®
cheese corn
              Cheese Corn

Order online at

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Garrett tin


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