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July 30, 2013


Who needs a cork? Recap your open wine bottles with a CapaBunga. Photo courtesy CapaBunga.

WHAT IT IS: High quality, low sugar mixers and soft drinks.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: It solves the problem of how to reseal an open wine bottle in a simple, leak proof way.
WHY WE LOVE IT: A brilliant and inexpensive gadget that every wine drinker needs.

CapaBunga wine caps are made with a variety of expressions; or you can create a custom order. Photo courtesy CapaBunga


CapaBunga Reusable Wine Bottle Cap


Cowabunga dudes: We just love the CapaBunga®.

We get lots of pitches for gadgets that are also-rans. But every so often, we find something that’s simply superb. That’s how we feel about CapaBunga The inventors deserve to get rich from it (a patent has been awarded).

CapaBunga is a reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of wine. There’s no need to jam the cork back in, grab the Vacu-Vin or other cumbersome technique. CapaBunga fits any wine bottle.

Most of us can use a few. They make great stocking stuffers and personalized party favors.

The owners of the Rua Winery in Sonoma County, California were inspired by silicone bungs* now used to seal the barrels during wine making. Their original intent was to use it on the numerous open wine bottles in the winery and tasting room. Then the big idea hit: Everyone can use these!

Our wine editor, Kris Prasad, tried a sample, then headed online to order two dozen. So did all the wine store owners and wine salespeople to whom he demonstrated it. In his words: “It is simply fantastic.”

“I have reused the cap several dozen times with no effect on its elasticity,” reports Kris. “While I don’t expect it to be immortal, I look forward to many, many more uses.”


*A bunghole is the hole bored in a liquid-tight barrel to remove the contents. The hole was formerly capped with a large, cork-like object called a bung. Today, modern wineries use a silicone seal.


It’s Just So Easy

Just re-seal the open wine bottle with a CapaBunga It just slips on, like a silicone sock, and creates an airtight vacuum in the bottle. The bottle can be stored upside down (or more realistically, on its side in the fridge) without leaking.

CapaBunga also keeps gnats away at outdoor events and prevents messy spilling in the dining room (hey, we’ve all knocked over a bottle or two), and lets you store the bottle on its side in the fridge, without fear of leaking.

Buy CapaBunga Online

CapaBunga should be in every retailer’s gadget department. (Are you listening, Bed Bath & Beyond?) But until then, head to the CapaBunga website to order them.

Each two-pack has two different colors and inscriptions. Examples:

  • Purple (“I earned it”) and chartreuse (“Me Time”)
  • Red (“Naughty”) and green (“nice”) for the holidays.
  • Black and grey with graphic designs (no words)

At $7.95 per two-pack, it’s a great small gift or stocking stuffer.

If you’re a brand that likes great promotional ideas, or a person planning a wedding or other important event, you can order custom-printed CapaBungas: 200 minimum, 6 weeks lead time.


And please send us one of your custom pieces: We’re building our CapaBunga collection.

— Karen Hochman


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