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November 9, 2004

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Nectar of the Gods

If there had been Vosges Bianca white chocolate cocoa on Mount Olympus, the Gods surely would have cast aside mead in favor of this heavenly concoction.

Open a box of Bianca and you’ll find a sea of tiny white chocolate “buds” dotted with tinier edible lavender flower petals. Mixed with the scents of chocolate and lavender are hints of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf, from a blending of lemon myrtle, an herb indigenous to the Aboriginal people of Australia.

The buds are alluring and ready to eat—to devour by hand or to sprinkle on ice cream, cake frosting or pudding. But add hot milk* and they melt into a beverage so divine, you’ll be hooked even if you don’t usually eat white chocolate.

Ethereal and lovely: Vosges Bianca white cocoa.

* Trick of the trade: A milk frother easily blends hot chocolate and create a wonderful foam. Click here for more information.

Offer Bianca to brunch guests as an alternative to coffee and tea—they’ll be delighted. Serve it in demitasse cups as a first or second dessert course, or as something special at a shower (a perfect complement to “baby” or “bride”). Warm up athletes returning from the cold. Or just curl up with a cup and a book. Who deserves a treat like this more than you?

Vosges Gift Set

If you can think of someone, there’s a gift set that includes Bianca plus two other flavor profiles: Aztec (ancho, chipotle, cinnamon) and Parisienne (vanilla bean).

Vosges also sells a molinillo, the wooden frothing stick rolled between the hands, used since Olmec times (pre Maya and Aztec) to whip the chocolate into a froth. Unless you’re the type who likes to hand-crank your own ice cream, we highly recommend a battery-operated frother.


White chocolate is caffeine-free. One box makes seven to eight 8-ounce cups.

— Karen Hochman



  • 8-Ounce Box (5 Servings)
  • Gift Set of 3 Boxes: Aztec, Bianca, Parisienne
  • Molinillo

Shipping additional. Prices are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Purchase online at

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