Thymes CandlesThe chocolat candles from the Thymes Au Chocolat collection are the next best thing to eating a box of chocolates.






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BETH COLLINS is a contributing editor.



February 2006

Appliance Review / Good Scents / Candles


Thymes Au Chocolat Collection

Indulge In Rich, Luscious Chocolate Without Consuming A Single Calorie


Anyone who has read a single issue of THE NIBBLE™ is well aware of our unadulterated adoration for chocolate in all its forms. Truffles, bars, nibs, baked into cakes, drizzled over ice cream, melted down for drinking: if chocolate is involved in any way, chances are we’re going to like it.

There is, however, one exception: products that claim to smell like chocolate. While we like the idea—what chocolate addict doesn’t love that warm, rich aroma?—we find that too many of these products miss the mark. Smelling more of chemicals than chocolate, they remind us of the “chocolate”-scented scratch-and-sniff stickers we used to collect as kids—not exactly an appetizing thought.

This has always been particularly true for “chocolate” candles. While they are often pretty to look at and have a promising, deep chocolate-brown color, they usually smell like wax and a smattering of unidentifiable, unnatural ingredients.

So we were a bit skeptical when we tested the candles in the Thymes Au Chocolat Collection. Bracing ourselves for the all-too-familiar wax-and-chemicals experience, we lit the Chocolat Truffle candle, crossed our fingers, and inhaled. We were thrilled, and more than a little surprised, to find that the candle smelled of—gasp—actual chocolate.

Imagine opening a box of truffles and burying your nose within inches of them: it’s that good. After the candle had been burning for an hour or so, our three-room apartment smelled like there was a rich, delicious chocolate cake baking in the oven. At the office, people smelled delicious chocolate down the hall at the elevators, and followed the trail to our candle.

  Latte CandleIf you’re a mochaccino fan, simply light the Latte candle and the blended scents of coffee bean and cocoa bean—espresso, milk chocolate, and vanilla
—will waft through your room.  We think these
candles are great diet aids: they surround you with
the satisfaction of chocolate and you feel so fulfilled, you have no desire to eat any!
Click here to
purchase the Latte candle.

The rest of the Au Chocolat line is just as delicious as Chocolat Truffle. The “flavors” are sophisticated and complex, each a well-thought-out combination of a specific type of chocolate, from milk to dark, and various carefully chosen ingredients. The Chocolat Ginger candle, for example, uses bittersweet chocolate as a base for spicy ginger root, coconut and a hint of lemon; Chocolat Saffron combines dark chocolate with saffron, coconut milk and vanilla scents. The others—Chocolat Cassis, Chocolat Latte, and Chocolat Mandarin—are equally well-matched and multidimensional.

So what’s the secret to the Thyme candles? Why are they able to smell like real chocolate when so many others can’t even come close? Like any delicacy, it comes down to ingredients. The wax, in particular, is key. Instead of using soy-based wax, which can taint fragrances ever so slightly, the Au Chocolat candles are made with food-grade paraffin. This is virtually odorless, allowing the candles to burn cleanly, which lets the fragrances maintain their integrity.

If, like us, you love the smell of chocolate but have been burned too many times by candles that smell nothing like the stuff, give the Thymes Au Chocolate line a try. Trust us, it won’t disappoint.

Burn Safely! Click here for candle tips.

THYMES Au Chocolat collection

Chocolat Cassis, Chocolat Ginger, Chocolat Latte, Chocolat Mandarin, Chocolat Saffron, Chocolat Truffle


Beautifully gift-boxed in a “Chocolate Drizzle” Glass, for 50 hours of burn time

  • Chocolate Truffle Candle
  • Chocolate Latte Candle

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chocolate truffle candle

The Chocolate Truffle candle is our new
favorite way to satisfy a chocolate craving!

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© Copyright 2005-2024 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.