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The Cucina, meaning “kitchen” in Italian, savory sprays offer food scents that don’t mask cooking odors, but blend with the aromas of what’s cooking in the kitchen.





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July 2006

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Fruits & Passion

Savory and Sweet Home Fragrances

Fruits & Passion is a creative company with deliciously-fragranced products that range from body care to household cleaners to vinaigrettes. To set the mood to use the rest of the products, one need look no farther than two home fragrances from their Cucina line, savory Cucina Fragrant Kitchen Sprays and sweet Cucina Dolce Sprays. The sprays, which can be used in any area of the home, are meant as air fresheners or mood creators, and truly stand out among the hundreds of competitors for their natural, quality scents.

  • Kitchen Scents. Knowing that people enjoy walking into a kitchen that hints of herbs, spices and Tomato Basil Sprayfruits, with only two pumps of the clever, cruet-style bottle, Cucina Fragrant Kitchen Sprays (cucina means kitchen in Italian) create an atmosphere where no clean-up is involved and no calories need be avoided. In sophisticated food scents like hearty Basil & Tomato (photo at right), Coriander & Olive Tree, Ginger & Sicilian Lemon, Fig & Fresh Herbs as well as an earthy Zucchini Flower & Truffle, they are invigorating food aromas. If there’s nothing bubbling away on the stove, you can create the impression that there is.
  • Dessert Scents. There’s always room for dessert. The Cucina Dolce (dolce means dessert in Italian) provides calorie-free sweetness in Espresso, Fresh Cream, Hazelnut and Nutmeg & Orange Zest. The sprays evoke an afternoon in an Italian caffe with a cappuccino and a cannoli. They’re a wonderful gift for dieters, too: they come close to satisfying sweet-tooth desires, just like walking past a bakery and inhaling the delicious aromas. They come as a set of votive candles, too, cleverly packaged in a biscotti tin—great solo or for layering scents.
With their charming packaging and vivid food scents, Cucina Fragrant Kitchen Sprays and Dolce Sprays are a tasty treat for any home: as a gift-set or individual sprays they make lovely house gifts as well.

Fruits & Passion

Home Fragrance Sprays



Cucina Dolce Sprays
The Cucina Dolce line: elegant, sweet-scented sprays that resemble the real deal.
Cucina Dolce Candles
Cucina Dolce matching votive candle set in a tin biscotti box.

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