Having a luau? Rolling Pin Productions will make custom cookies that will have guests remembering your party for years to come.



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October 2005

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Gourmet Party Favors

Send Them Home With Something Special


Party favors are no longer a concern of wedding and bar mitzvah planners.  Now, it seems, every kid’s party, dinner party, and pet party requires a party favor.  We’re going to keep a running list of favorites here so keep checking back to see what we’ve added.

Here are some of the things we like to give—and get—at price points from $3 to $9 per person. Categories include:


1. Candy

Candy is dandy...especially high-quality,
old-fashioned treats like these!

Elegant Gourmet

Elegant Gourmet’s products really live up to their name. Their beautiful, hand-pulled hard candies combine old-fashioned, natural flavors like pink lemonade, tangerine and clove with a sophisticated color palate. They make great favors for baby showers, weddings, mother's day, children’s birthdays and office parties. No matter what your color theme, there’s something to match. Be sure to check out their seasonal offerings for holiday parties.

  • Barber poles, chubby, swirl, whirl and tree lollipops
  • From $13.20 to $33.00 for 6 pieces

elegant gourmet grape barber poles
These nostalgic grape “barber poles” are a sweet
way to let your guests know that you value their



Marich’s old-fashioned candies look just as exquisite in their cellophane gift bags as they do in a crystal candy dish. Your guests will love the assortment of classic treats that Marich packs into each bag. These “Packaged Pleasures” are available for holidays such as Valentines, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween as well as year-round favorites and sugar-free selections.  The handsome boxes below with choices like chocolate-covered espresso beans, toffee caramels, chocolate-covered dried cherries also make wonderful favors.

  • 8-Ounce bag
  • Average retail price $4.95 to $8.95

For more about other Marich products, click here to browse THE NIBBLE’s candy section.


gourmet christmas candiesgourmet easter candies

halloween bagvalentines day gourmet candies


Marich’s cellophane gift bags offer a large assortment
of old-fashioned holiday treats.

2. Chocolate

A little bit of chocolate is a big
treat, at the end of your event
or to wake up to the next day.

Chick Chocolates

These playful chocolate bars make a unique party favor for girls, both young and young at heart. Each flavor has a personality all its own, and everyone will enjoy figuring out which “Chick Chocolate” describes her best: the active and fit Strong Chick™, the fearlessly bold Extreme Chick™ or the eccentric and offbeat Nutty Chick™. The newest Chick, Survivor Chick™, donates all her proceeds to the fight against women's cancers.

  • 6 1-Ounce boxes, $16.49
  • 24 .066-ounce pieces, $28.99.
  • Click here to purchase Chick Chocolates through, or check the web site retail locator.

assortment of gourmet chick chocolates

Discover the Chocolate Chick inside you.

The Cocoa Room

The Cocoa Room’s cute packaging, bright colors and interesting flavors are tailored to suit every season, holiday and event under the sun (think green pistachio, green almonds, and green sunflower seeds for your St. Patrick's day bash). Each transparent, treat-filled box is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, but bright enough to light up the faces of its recipients.

gourmet chocolate covered fruits and seeds

variety of chocolate covered almonds

Give The Cocoa Room treats as a party favor and
your guests feel as though they received a little
jewel chest.


Valerie’s Toffee

There’s no more attractive box to leave at the table than Valerie’s. The toffee is thin, crunchy, and chocolate-coated, reminiscent of an old-fashioned molasses chip. The boxes, with their charming grosgrain ribbons, are almost too pretty to open, making it a good gift for fashionable dieters.

  • 2-Piece Gift Box, $6
  • 4-Piece Gift Box, $12
  • 6-Piece Gift Box, $20
  • 12-Piece Gift Box, $38

valerie confections

Valerie’s refined packaging houses some equally
high-class chocolate-covered toffees. Photo by
Kimberly Grisco.

3. Cookies

Gorgeous custom cookies look
too good to eat—but no one can
resist temptation for long.

Rolling Pin Productions

These skillfully decorated cookies will be the star of any event. The designs for kids range from cookies featuring their favorite cartoon characters, bugs, trucks, princesses and circus themes, to photo-realistic portraits of the birthday boy or girl (or beloved pet). Rolling Pin Productions doesn't just make kid’s stuff. Their holiday, seasonal and all-occasion cookies will satisfy even the most discriminating art critic.

  • Prices vary based on design and packaging,
    but generally start at $7 per cookie

cookie monster cookiesheart cookies

face portrait cookiesmonster cookies


Sweet Dreams Bakery

Elegant (and edible) roses, bedroom slippers, art deco tea cups, pirate flags, poodles, turtles, and tombstones are just a few of the custom cookie designs from Sweet Dreams Bakery’s cookies. In addition to any design you can think of—if you can dream it, they can create it—names can be personalized for birthdays, wedding favors, corporate events, et al. Each cookie comes packaged in a cellophane bag and is tied with a ribbon.

  • Prices start at $3.50 per cookie with a minimum order of 12 cookies.
  • Additional fees may apply, depending on the complexity of the design.

pirate cookies

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum: whatever your party theme, give cookie favors to match.


4. Mints

Refreshing and chic


Companies give gift mint tins with their names and product logos so you’ll remember them. Why shouldn’t you have your own name and photo tin? While the minimum order is 120 tins, you’ll want a lot to hand out for the months to come. Choose your design, quote, special message...create a tin that is uniquely you.

  • Private label mint tin
    $.50 and up

personalized mint tin

Customize mint tins for any occasion and your guests will leave with something refreshing.




Oral Fixation

If you want the ultimate mint tin favor, give a sophisticated tin of Oral Fixation’s elegant and witty mints. Flavors like Mojito Mint, 7 Deadly Cinnamon, Sugar Free Tibet, and Spare Mint are clever and classy in ultra-slim metal tins. The re-usable tins hold cash and credit cards in your gym bag, business cards, perhaps a follow-up note to someone special you’ve met at the party.

  • 6 Pack, $15
  • Contact about bulk orders

oral fixation tins

For those with a sophisticated style, mints with a
look and taste to match.


5. Pets  

Taxi’s Dog Bakery Treats

Are there four-legged guests...or is this a Bark Mitzvah? These treats in a candy box are easily as fancy cookies for humans. Iced in yogurt glazes, in gift boxes, human moms and dads keep asking us: “Are you sure these are for pets?” For those who think nothing is too good for their angels,  order plenty of these. (Minimum order is $50.)

  • Dog Bone Gift Box, $4.50
  • Dog Truffle Box, $ 2.50
  • On-the-Go Cat Fish
    .5 ounce tube
  • On-the-Go Round Cat Treats
    1 ounce tube



dog treats
If it looks like people food: it only tastes that good.
It’s formulated for dogs and cats, who deserve
great gourmet treats too! Photograph by Melody
6. Port Minis  

Graham’s Six Grapes Port

One of the this famed Port company’s oldest trademarks, Six Grapes is a full-bodied Port blended from the harvests of several years (as opposed to a single vintage year). Rich in the aromas of briar fruits, dark cherry, and ripe plums, this wine’s unique qualities come from its proprietary integration of grapes selected exclusively from A-rated vineyards. Cask-aged for three to four years, the wine, sold in full bottles, is made in 187 milliliter sizes as well—lucky for party-givers! These mini bottles are wonderful favors for weddings or any sophisticated event. A favor of Six Grapes can make any evening even more memorable.

  • 187 Milliliter Bottle, $7

To find a retailer near you, visit

Port, Graham's Port, Six Grapes, Six Grape Port, wedding favor

Treat your guests to a fine bottle of Port.
A bottle is enough for one full glass.

7. Other Gifts  

Bryson Studios Mini Purse Boxes

An elegant group of women or young ladies will flip for these collectible miniature handbags, made of cardstock and exquisite beaded handles. Each purse can be customized with its own “fabric” pattern and color. About the size of two quarters placed side by side, each purse includes a finely made sterling silver charm of your choice. Bryson Studios can also fill your purse boxes with other items for a personalized event. The minimum purchase is five purse boxes. Warning: you may be tempted to buy more though.

  • Set of 5 purse boxes, $85


purse boxes

Choose mini purse boxes in your favorite pattern
and design for special party favors that will
always be treasured.






© Copyright 2005-2023 Lifestyle Direct, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Images are the copyright of their individual owners.


© Copyright 2005-2023 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.