Chocolate Easter Eggs
Surprise! When you peel these iridescent -colored Easter eggs. there’s delicious chocolate praline inside. Plan ahead: good things sell out. At Williams-Sonoma.




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January 2005



News From San Francisco.  While it was 5° Fahrenheit in our home base of New York City, we were walking around in shirtsleeves in balmy San Francisco—or at least, walking between our hotel and the Moscone Center, site of the Winter Fancy Food Show.

Presented by the NASFT, the 53-year-old professional association of specialty food manufacturers, the thrice-yearly Fancy Food Show is where many manufacturers of fine foods exhibit their products to retail buyers...and to the press, like THE NIBBLE™ editors. The Fancy Food Shows are where we discover many of the products we write about. They also gives us the opportunity to taste scores of similar product lines at the same time and distinguish the clearly superior ones; and to meet the producers in person.

We took an hour away from the free nibbling at the Fancy Food Show to buy almost $200 worth of uber-nouvelle Austrian and German chocolate bars at Fog City News. One of the largest newsstands for national and international imagines and newspapers, at the request of their international clientele they have built the most outstanding collection of prestige chocolate bars we’ve seen. In the next few weeks we will write about our afternoon there (under Food Fun > Events & Travel).

But if you're in San Francisco, drop by and tell them THE NIBBLE™ sent you. There’s too much to choose from, but lots of staff experts to guide your decisions. Fog City News, 455 Market Street, 415.543.7500, weekdays only to 6 p.m.

Fog City News






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