Snappers Snap Peas
Add pickled vegetables to sandwiches, instead the carrot and celery sticks of yore.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is a Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



November 2006
Updated December 2009

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Tillen Farms Pickled Vegetables

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Crispy Beans: Dilly Beans & Hot And Spicy Beans

Bloody MaryString beans are harvested in mid-summer, trimmed at both ends, blanched and carefully hand packed to ensure perfect condition. Dilly Beans are a milder version of Hot And Spicy Beans, flavored with dill.

  • Use a crispy bean as a super swizzle stick in Bloody Marys—so much more flavorful than a stalk of celery!
  • Wrap a dilly bean in a slice of roast beef, thinly sliced boiled ham or smoked turkey and serve on an hors d’oeuvres platter. With an optional grainy or Dijon mustard, these make healthy, low-calorie, low-carb party food.
  • Use either bean in the cold potato and green bean salad described under “Sweet Bells,” below.

“Snappers” Pickled Sugar Snap Peas

These late summer harvested sugar snap peas are often confused with Japanese edamame. Are a versatile delight, you eat the entire vegetable—casing and peas (with edamame, the peas are removed from the tough pod).

  • Garnish martinis and other savory cocktails.
  • Garnish chicken or seafood salad.
  • For a spiffy hors d’oeuvre, fill endive leaves with shrimp salad and top with Snappers.
  • Add to pasta salad along with Greek olives, “Sweet Bells” (see below) and grated hard cheese (Grana Padano, Parmesan or Pecorino Romano, for example).

Sweet Bells“Sweet Bells” Pickled Bell Peppers

Colorful yellow and red bell peppers, a late summer/early fall crop, are carefully selected, quartered and blended together.

  • For a beautiful antipasto platter, arrange them in spirals with thinly-sliced Italian cold cuts, Provolone cheese, olives, anchovies and fresh-sliced fennel.
  • Roll the peppers around around a tuna salad or goat cheese spread, chill and slice onto cocktail rounds.
  • Layer the peppers onto sliced cooked eggplant, drizzle with garlic-flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar and cut into pieces, secured with a serving pick.
  • Make a cold potato and green bean salad by tossing warm, blanched red-jacket potatoes with a good wine vinegar. Mix Sweet Bells, Hot and Spicy Beans, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and diced parsley.

“Sunnysides” Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Slightly different from the rest, these roma tomatoes are marinated in a mix of canola and olive oils and spices, instead of pickled in vinegar. Use them in any recipe that calls for sun-dried tomatoes.

  • Add to pizza, a pasta salad or an omelet.
  • Serve with sliced fresh mozzarella and fresh basil for most of the year when tomatoes aren’t in season.
  • Combine with Sweet Bells, Hot & Spicy Asparagus, Italian cold cuts and Provolone cheese for a tasty antipasto.


Tillen Farms offers a variety of gift packages that are something different, something colorful, and something gratefully low-calorie, fat-free and nutritious. There is a bit of sugar in the marinade, but a serving is still just 10 calories for asparagus, 15 for the string beans and snap peas, 25 for the bell peppers and 30 for the carrots. The sundried tomatoes, marinated in oil, weigh in at 40 calories a portion.

Pickled Vegetables

Certified kosher by BCK (except asparagus)

  • Crispy Asparagus, Crispy Spicy Asparagus, Crispy Carrots,
    Crispy Dilly Beans, Crispy Hot and Spicy Beans, Crispy Snappers (Snap Peas), Crispy Sweet Bell Peppers
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  • White Asparagus
    16-Ounce Jar
  • Sunnyside Tomatoes
    8-Ounce Jar
  • 4 Favorites Gift Pack
    Asparagus, Carrots, Hot & Spicy
    Beans, Sweet Bells
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Four Favorites Gift Set
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