Glazed HamWhat a beauty of a ham! See our favorite hams. Photo courtesy of Cherry Marketing Institute.
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December 2007

Food Fun / Gourmet Giveaway

Ham Trivia Quiz #1

Answer A Few Fun Food Trivia Questions & Learn More About Ham


Ham It Up!
Visit the Pork, Ham & Bacon Section for our favorite hams,
ham glaze recipes and more.
Learn even more by taking Ham Trivia Quiz #2.


If you read old English novels, you may observe people eating gammon. In England, Scotland and Ireland, ham was traditionally known as gammon, from an Old French word for the hind leg of the pig, gambon (gambe was leg; leg in modern French is jambe and ham is jamon). Modern Brits use the word ham, but “gammon” can still be found in clubs and inns and countrysides. Like this piece of trivia? Get ready for more in our quiz!

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