Recchiuti Burnt Caramel Almonds
Recchiuti’s Burnt Caramel Almonds are the bomb—and great little stocking stuffers, too.




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December 2007

Marketplace / Gift-Finder

The Best Stocking Stuffers

Favorite Gourmet Food Gift Picks Of 2007


Whether you’re stuffing many stockings, need teacher gifts, are playing Secret Santa or are going to lots of parties, we've got something for everyone. Most of our goodies cost less than $6.00 and the most expensive is $12.95.

If you’re looking for more ideas, see our Stocking Stuffer recommendations from previous years.

Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.


Bellamessa Sea Salts:
Large-Flake Flavored Sea Salts

Sea salt flakes, from Cyprus, are unique crystal-like flakes with a rich, salty sea flavor. These salts are unusual because they are also infused with a variety of flavors—Chili, Lemon and Rosemary, for example. Along with classics like black, smoked and white sea salt, these are gorgeous finishing salts at an amazingly low price. Sprinkle over eggs, fish, hors d’oeuvres, pasta or use as plate decor. They’re dazzling.

  • 4.25-Ounce Box

Sea Salt
Photo by Dhanraj Emanuel.


Cabot Creamery:
Cheddar Shake

Any other powdered cheese is a mongrel compared to this champion, and that’s no surprise. Cabot Cheddar Shake is made by one of the country’s most award-winning cheese makers. The powdered cheddar goes well on almost anything—popcorn, salads, mac and cheese. Give it to anyone who uses that canned stuff and they’ll love you.

  • 8-Ounce Canister

Cabot Cheddar Shake
Photo by Dhanraj Emanuel.


Chocolate Covered Nuts:
Charles Chocolates Almonds/Hazelnuts
Coco-Luxe Peanuts
Recchiuti’s Burnt Caramel Almonds

This was a great year for chocolate-covered nuts. We discovered favorites made by the fine chocolatiers we reviewed. Charles Chocolates’ almonds and hazelnuts are rich and crunchy; we loved the almonds but those who like hazelnut praline (gianduja) have a real find in the hazelnuts. Coco-Luxe’s Country Fair Peanuts are slow-roasted with cayenne pepper for a nice heat that is cooled by creamy chocolate. Recchiuti’s Burnt Caramel Almonds are nuggets of heaven in a cocoa-powder dusting.

  • Charles Chocolates
    Triple Chocolate Almonds or
    6.5 Ounces, $12.00
    Read The Full Review
  • Coco-Luxe                                      Chocolate-Covered Peanuts
    6 Ounces, $12.95
    Read The Full Review
  • Michael Recchiuti
    Burnt Caramel Almonds
    40 pieces (4 Ounces), $10.00
    Read The Full Review

Chocolate-Covered Peanuts
Coco-Luxe’s Country Fair Peanuts.

Chocolate-Covered Almonds
Recchiuti’s Burnt Caramel Almonds.


Das Caramelini:
Salted Caramels

Here’s what we want to find in our stocking: one of every flavor of these magnificent salted caramels. From the Classic Lavender to the Honey Orange, each flavor is exquisite—and the caramels melt in your mouth. That’s why they were a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week. Read the full review.

  • 4-Ounce Box

Ginger Caramels

Gourmet Ketchup:
Appledore Cove Ketchup &
Catsup à la Tomate


We tasted 42 ketchups to come up with the best. Two of our six winners are packaged so nicely that they make lovely gifts. The Appledore Cove Ketchup has a good tomato flavor and light sweetness followed by spices of cinnamon and clove. Catsup à la Tomate, from France, is intensely tomato with very little sugar or spice and a slight vinegar aftertaste. Burgers will be blessed. Read the full review.

  • Appledore Cove Ketchup
    10-Ounce Bottle, $6.75
  • Catsup à la Tomate
    8.8-Ounce Bottle, $10.99
Catsup a la Tomate
Catsup à la Tomate, from France.


Frontier Soup:
Gourmet Soup Packets

Beginners and advanced cooks alike will enjoy turning out these delicious soups. All of the soups cook up quickly, and make great last minute meals or hearty comfort food for staying in on cold nights. Our favorites: Corn Chowder, Potato Leek, Red Pepper and Tomato Rice. A NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week—read the full review.

  • Homemade in Minutes Soups

Gourmet Soup

Photo by Michael Steele.


Honeyland New Zealand:
Blue Borage Honey

Give honey lovers something extra special. This jar of honey is made from the nectar of the flowers of blue borage, an herb widespread in the North Island of New Zealand. Racy, herbal flavors make you wake up to how distinctive varietal honey can be. Thanks are due to the New Zealand beekeepers and, of course, all the New Zealand bees who produced it.

  • One-Pound Jar

Blue Borage Honey
Photo by Melody Lan.

Lemon Cookies


Bite-size, buttery lemon cookie, dusted with powdered sugar, are delicious with tea, ice cream or right out of the reusable tin.

  • J&M Lemon Cookies
    10-Ounce Tin
    3 Tins, $39.57  
    Includes Shipping
    Smaller Sizes Available

J&M Lemon Cookies

Pickled Garlic, Pickled Cocktail Onions & Gourmet Olive Bliss

You won’t believe how good pickled onions and pickled garlic can be. While developed for cocktails, they’re delicious for food garnishes and relish trays—a gourmet delight. The Gourmet Olive Bliss blend is a variety of five french olives in an herbal oil marinade to be used as a salad dressing or bread dipper. Read the full review.

  • Pickled Cocktail Onions
    16-Ounce Jar, $8.95
  • Pickled Garlic
    8-Ounce Jar, $9.95
  • Gourmet Olive Bliss
    12-Ounce Jar, $11.95

Cocktail Onions
Photo by Brian Van Sise.

Pierre Marcolini:
Christmas Chocolate Bars

The great Belgian chocolatier presents mini versions of his square chocolate bars, with special Christmas themes. Two milk, one white, and one dark bar are sure to please, in a clear presentation box. Pierre Marcolini is a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week. Read the full review.

  • 4-Bar Set

Holiday Chocolate Bars
Mini chocolate bars.

Rich Design:
Snowflake Cookies

A gift box of four snowflake cookies decorated with royal icing and decorator sugar, in four distinct flavors: dark chocolate, gingerbread, mocha and rum. These handmade cookies are beautiful works of art, and delicious. (Look under “Seasonal” on website)

  • 4-Cookie Gift Box

To ensure delivery for Christmas, please place orders by December 17th. For orders of 10 boxes or more please call 1.212.684.5029.

Snowflake Cookies

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© Copyright 2005-2018 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.