Oregon Rain Virgin WaterThe water in this bottle comes to you straight from the skies—it never touches the earth.



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MICHAEL MASCHA is Water Editor of THE NIBBLE and founder of FineWaters.com.



February 2006

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Oregon Rain Virgin Water

“Heaven In A Glass” From A “Rain Farm”


Oregon Rain calls its water “Virgin Water” because it has never been touched by the earth. Unlike most waters, which drain into the earth and can join ancient lakes in underground aquifers, this is is a very young water that is captured as it falls from the Oregon skies.

Some claim that water filtered by underground aquifers is the purest. But the point of view of Oregon Rain, was incorporated in January of 2004, is that there are more than ninety contaminants present in the earth: a water that is never touched by the earth poses a significantly reduced risk of encountering any of them.

The water is “harvested” from Oregon Skies, caught as the rain falls on sterile sheets and then filtered and then filtered and pasteurized to ensure uniform quality and purity. It’s not a bad idea to call it “heaven in a glass,” which the company does. But in this world of packaging-is-everything (see our review of Bling H2O), they really miss the boat on design, with a slapdash presentation that says not much of anything.

What falls from heaven? A soft water with super low mineral content.


WATER Oregon Rain Virgin Water
Newburg, Oregon, USA
Still Spring Water
Finewaters Balance Still
pH Factor

TDS = Total Dissolved Solids

Oregon rain virgin water

  • Case of six 750 ml bottles
    $41.49 (includes

To purchase, visit BottledWaterStore.com

To find a distributor near you, visit


Oregon Rain bottle
Oregon Rain is available in both glass and plastic bottles.

Catching Water
Catching the rain (a romanticized vision).



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Photo of water glass by Richard L. Bliss.

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