Dessert Sauce - ChukarChukar Cherries makes four of its most popular multitasking preserves/dessert sauces in sugar-free versions with maltitol. Shown above, Vanilla Peach on an individual cheesecake. 


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Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles

Diet Dessert Sauces

Sugar-Free & No Sugar Added Dessert Sauce & Topping Delights


We’ve found some great sugar-free dessert sauces and toppings for sugar-free ice cream, fruit, diet puddings and just for eating out of the jar.  Try them on top of Breyers Double Churn No Sugar Added Ice Cream, one of our favorites. If you have a favorite diet dessert topping, click on the link to tell us about it.

  • Also check the Diet Jams section—preserves make great dessert toppings, too.

Nibble Tip

Can’t have sugar?  Can’t have fat? You can have lots of beautiful dinnerware and linens we’ve picked out in our Appliance Review section.  Your food will look exciting and taste that much better. 


Chocolate topping
The King’s Cupboard’s sugar-free chocolate sauces and Breyers sugar-free ice creams are a match made in sugar-free heaven.


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