Pomegranate JuiceA glass of antioxidants that tastes good, too. Photo by Slava Valitov | IST.





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ALISSA DICKER is a freelance writer and cooking teacher in New York City.



February 2008
Updated November 2008

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Pomegranate Juice Reviews

Page 5: Serving Suggestions


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Part II: Pomegranate Juice Reviews


Serving Suggestions

Here’s how you can jazz up your juices when you’re not drinking them straight:

  • Mix them with sparkling water for a light spritzer (add a sprinkling of arils for a festive touch)
  • Use them as cocktail mixers
  • Aloo ChatBlend them into smoothies
  • Mix them into sangria (especially the dark fruit blends)
  • Incorporate them into salad dressings (top the salad with some arils too)
  • Use them for acidity in cooking, in place of, or with, vinegar or citrus—a zesty juice that’s been boiled down a bit works nicely over roasted Brussels sprouts with thyme, for instance
  • Reduce them to syrup, which can be used in cooking or as a concentrated cocktail mixer
  • Make grenadine—cook pomegranate juice with sugar syrup
  • Try them in marinades or as glazes for meats (they’re great with lamb), poultry, or fish
  • Use them in traditional preparations, like the Persian stew, fesenjan

Photo of aloo chat, Indian potato salad, by Linda & Colin McKie | IST. Garnish your own favorite potato salad with bright, tasty arils.


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