Almond Toffee
Toasted Almond Toffee is a classic almond, but our heart belongs to Ginger. There’s no need to deliberate, because the Toffee Trio box has all three flavors.





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is a Contributing Editor of THE NIBBLE™ and a very experienced toffee-taster.



March 2005

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Candy

B.T. McElrath Toffee

Toffee Klatsch  


Great toffee, that creamy, buttery, brittle, melt-in-your mouth, coat-your-tongue, riot of sensations confection, is hard to find. Some of it is made with molasses, some with treacle (concentrated sugar cane syrup), some with corn syrup...and almost all are achingly sweet. Even the popular British bars are a third-place sop for those in search of a quick fix for the toffee itch.

A good piece of toffee—real all-butter toffee—is like a time-lapse photograph: it starts out with a bite that combines the smooth chocolate or nut coating and the crisp candy inside, moves on to a lingering melt on the tongue, and as a final act fills your mouth with a nutty, brown-butter bloom that is not overpowered by sugar, yet is just sweet enough.

The go-to guy for topnotch toffee is Brian (B.T.) McElrath, the consistently award-winning Minneapolis-based chocolatier named one of America’s top 20 Artisan Chocolate Makers by Chocolatier magazine. His exquisitely flavored bonbons, truffles and artfully hand-painted special collection chocolates have earned B.T. and his dedicated staff accolades and a loyal following. For toffee addicts, you can’t get better than this: simply old-fashioned buttercrunch squares dunked into chocolate and nuts. “Our chocolates are made from the purest available ingredients and we support sustainable agriculture and the working farmers in our community,” says Brian; and it shows in the bright, clear flavors of his products. All are made in small batches, with ingredients carefully stirred by hand, ensuring flavors that are perfectly blended and balanced.

McElrath produces three kinds of their all-butter toffee: Toasted Almond, Macadamia and Ginger. At the core of each buttercrunch square is creamery butter from family-owned farm neighbors in the heart of dairyland, Minnesota. European couverture chocolate is the finishing touch—milk for the Toasted Almond, dark chocolate striped with milk chocolate for the Ginger, and a thick blanket of dark chocolate for the Macadamia. The ginger infused buttercrunch showcases the rhizome to perfection: there is no overpowering ginger bite, just a sweet surge of warmth in the mouth. It is heavenly. The toasty nut toppings provide a just-right ratio of crunch.

These pure toffees are perfect for nibbling between sips of tea, or added to a petit fours plate. Or you can simply make your way through an entire box in about three minutes flat. Be sure to check B.T. McElrath’s website for their other beautiful chocolates too.


Toasted Almond, Macadamia, and Ginger Toffees

  • 4-Ounce Bag
    10 Pieces, Your Choice of Flavor
  • 18 Piece Box
    Toasted Almond Toffee or Toffee Trio
    (6 pieces of each flavor)
  • 36 Piece Box
    Toasted Almond Toffee


The Toffee Trio box: Toasted Almond, Ginger, and
Macadamia Nut.


Shipping additional. Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

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Or telephone 1.612.331.8800.

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