BliniBuckwheat and whole wheat pancake mixes can also be used to make blini, small pancakes that are a popular base for smoked salmon and caviar. Photo by Kim Everuss | IST.



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November 2009

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Whole Grain & Multigrain Pancake Reviews

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(1) Cream Of The West 7 Grain Buttermilk Flapjack Mix
(2) Daddy Cakes
(3) Fall River Wild Rice Pancake Mix


You are reading part of a review of 99 different whole grain and multigrain pancake mixes from 44 different manufacturers. You can go to the index of all of the pancake mix brands, go to Page 1 of the complete article or continue to the next page of reviews.

Pancake Mix Reviews:


Cream Of The West 7 Grain Buttermilk Flapjack Mix

Grain mix: bleached flour, malted barley flour, hard red spring wheat, oats, barley rye, triticale, soft white wheat, spelt, wheat bran. This is a JAW mix, filled with bits of grains. Instructions state that “Batter will be thick;” when prepared according to package directions, the batter was thick but manageable. There’s a very good rise and fine browning. The finished pancakes have lots of texture from all the grains, with an overall mild taste, except that they’re slightly too salty.

Daddy Cakes Pancake & Waffle Mix

THE NIBBLE has separately reviewed Daddy Cakes. You may wish to read the other Daddy Cakes review as well.

  • Bountiful Buckwheat Buttermilk. Grain mix: organic unbleached white flour, organic wheat flour, organic buckwheat flour, oats. I made these pancakes without the optional eggs or oil. When prepared according to package directions, the batter is so thick that it isn’t even mixable; I had to add more water to get it to a decent consistency. There’s a good rise. The finished pancakes were slightly tough, perhaps because I added the extra water gradually and had to keep mixing it in. The finished pancakes had a little texture from the various grains and a very nice flavor plain (they’re even better with syrup).
  • Witty Whole Wheat. Grain: 100% organic whole red spring wheat. Curiosity: this mix is sweetened only with fruit extracts. The packaging for this mix is very clever. A brightly-colored tin contains 3 packages of mix and three small packages Daddy Cakesof olive oil along with several small rubber frogs, with a suggestion for a game once the mix is used up. In theory, you combine one package each of mix and olive oil, adding a lid of water plus “a splash” and an optional egg if you want fluffier pancakes. But how much is a “splash” of water? I ended up making these pancakes twice. To the first batch, I added the optional egg. For this mix, a splash is at least 4 tablespoons, which seems like a lot. The pancakes made with the optional eggs had excellent rise. As promised, the finished pancakes had a fluffy texture, with a definite but not overwhelming spice taste from the cinnamon in the mix. I didn’t much care for the taste of the fruit sweeteners used, however. The second time I made these, I omitted the egg. To the lid full of water I put into the mix, I had to add more than seven tablespoons of water to get the batter to a good consistency. The finished pancakes were somewhat denser, with a similar flavor.
    Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE.

Fall River Wild Rice Pancake Mixes

  • Wheat-Free Wild Rice. Grain mix: wild rice flour, brown rice flour. When prepared according to package directions, the batter initially thickened so quickly and so greatly that I had to add more liquid in the time it took to preheat the griddle. A very good rise. While the batter is an unappealing brownish gray, the pancakes themselves look like they’re whole wheat. The finished pancakes are gummy, with an unappealing flavor and a slightly gritty texture.
  • Wild Rice. Grain mix: N/A. When prepared according to package directions, the batter was too thick; I had to add more buttermilk. A very good rise, delicate browning. The finished pancakes have a quite earthy wild rice flavor—very good with maple syrup but too much for me when plain.

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