Apple Pancakes
Make “instant apple pancakes” by topping regular pancakes with chunky applesauce. Or, sauté diced apples in butter with sugar and cinnamon. Photo courtesy Krusteaz.



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November 2009

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Whole Grain & Multigrain Pancake Reviews

Page 6l:
(1) Martha’s All Natural Low Fat Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes
(2) Montebello Kitchens Shenandoah Buckwheat Pancake Mix
(3) New Hope Mills Pancake Mixes


You are reading part of a review of 99 different whole grain and multigrain pancake mixes from 44 different manufacturers. You can return to the index of all the pancake mix brands, go to Page 1 of the complete pancake article or continue to the next page of reviews.

Pancake Mix Reviews:


Martha’s All Natural Low Fat Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes “Original Recipe”

Grain mix: old fashioned rolled oats, unbleached flour, oat bran. Instructions call for beating together 2 eggs or egg whites, 2 cups low fat buttermilk and “2 teaspoons butter, margarine or oil.” No instructions to melt the butter or margarine. I used oil. When prepared according to package directions (including a 15-minute standing time), batter was slightly too thick; I had to add a little water to it. Very good rise, fine browning. Finished pancakes have texture from the oats and are slightly gummy, which I liked; they also have a slightly sweet flavor. Good.

Montebello Kitchens Shenandoah Buckwheat Pancake Mix

Grain mix: all natural stone ground buckwheat flour, Virginia-grown wheat flour. The canister housing the mix comes with two pre-measured, sealed bags, a clever idea. I used butter, as opposed to oil, in the batter. Because the melted butter was combined with cold eggs and buttermilk before it was added to the mix, the butter stiffened and the batter needed more liquid before it was of a workable consistency.  Very good rise, delicate browning. The batter and pancakes were pale, with attractive flecks of grain. The finished pancakes had some texture from grain and are almost too buttery. Very good with syrup.

New Hope Mills Pancake Mixes.

Certified kosher by The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations.

  • Buckwheat Pancake Mix. Grain mix: wheat flour, buckwheat flour, rye flour. Used oil (as opposed to egg). When prepared according to package directions, the batter was absurdly thin. I had to add more mix, and the batter thickened very quickly when I did. An excellent rise, good browning. The mix, batter and pancakes were all light-colored. The finished pancakes had only a hint of buckwheat flavor and were somewhat gummy.
  • Whole Wheat Pancake Mix. Grain mix: whole wheat flour, corn flour, whole rye flour. I made these with the optional cooking oil. When prepared according to package directions, the batter is initially too thin, but thickens almost immediately to a great consistency. An outstanding rise, good browning. The finished pancakes somehow manage to be both fluffy and slightly gummy, with a good “wheaty” presence. A little salty plain, very good with syrup.


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