Martine's Chocolates
Martine’s festive shapes and fresh whipped cream, ganache and praline fillings are a must-try for the chocolate lover. Photo copyright Chris Lee for Martine's Chocolates.






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PETER ROT was first schooled in chocolate by his German mother. After an epiphanic taste of Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71%, his passion for chocolate became a full-fledged scholarly pursuit. Peter is a moderator of a discussion forum of international chocolate connoisseurs and a reviewer for the international chocolate community. He is pursuing a graduate degree in the cultural significance of food.


August 2005

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Martine’s Chocolates

Page 2: Whipped Cream Chocolate Flavors


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Varieties Of Chocolate

Now that one has been captivated by the sights and scents, the next decision is which piece to taste first. Martine recommends her favorite, the Cherry, a brandy-macerated cherry surrounded by ganache and enclosed in a dark chocolate shell. She also suggests the Piano, a semi-liquid butterscotch caramel that evokes the flavors of sweet butter. Do not miss the Pyramid, with its interior of butterscotch caramel, hazelnut praline, and freshly whipped cream. While the towering piece might look intimidating, the light and fresh flavors elevate one high above the Great Pyramids of Giza. But perhaps my favorite is the aptly molded Butterfly, a piece that will send you fluttering away with its layers of dense hazelnut praline and fluffy whipped cream.

Chocolate Butterfly Piano Chocolates
The author’s favorite, Butterflies filled with hazelnut praline and whipped cream. If music be the food of love, play on these Pianos filled with soft butterscotch caramel.

Overall, Martine’s flavors are clean, easily recognizable, and markedly fresh. Pieces containing layers of fresh cream provide a special lightness, while pralines echo of freshly harvested hazelnuts. Caramel is teeming with buttery richness, and the chocolate ganaches are redolent of chocolate. Without much to stand in the way of the base ingredients’ flavors, Martine has successfully unlocked their full potential.

Chocolates are made fresh in the store each day. For those chocophiles who are unable to personally visit one of Martine’s shops, she delivers worldwide. Selections containing fresh cream pieces require overnight shipping to ensure the freshest flavor possible. But the exquisite flavor of these chocolates more than compensates for the additional cost in shipping. The chocolates are preservative-free, so the fresh cream pieces should be consumed within five days of purchase (and ideally within a day for peak flavor), while other pieces—pralines, ganaches, et al—can withstand a life of two weeks. Storing these chocolates should not be a problem, however: upon first bite, much of the box will not even last one day.

Assorted Handmade Chocolates

  • Gift Box, 18 Pieces
    Assortment, $28.00
    Custom Selection, $32.50
  • Gift Box, 36 Pieces
    Assortment, $49.50
    Custom Selection, $62.50

Other sizes available.

Purchase online at


Chocolate CherryMartine’s personal favorite, the Cherry is a French cherry marinated in brandy and
surrounded by ganache.

Prices and flavors are verified at publication but are subject to change.


Martine has two retail boutiques in New York City, both open 7 days (call for hours):

Martine’s Chocolates
Bloomingdale's, 6th Floor
1000 Third Avenue at 59th Street
New York, NY 10022

Martine’s Chocolates too
400 East 82nd Street at First Avenue
New York, NY 10028

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