Theo Organic Bonbons
Theo Chocolate’s bonbons are beautiful, delicious, organic and Fair Trade Certified. Read our review.

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Chocolate. Who doesn’t enjoy the melody of those three syllables? The history of chocolate began right here in the Americas: The cacao tree first grew wild in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon basin. Our word chocolate comes from the Aztec cacahuatl, based on the earlier Maya word xocoatl (for details, see the Chocolate Glossary).

In addition to the informational articles below, you’ll find reviews of products that we think are the best gourmet chocolate (and make the best chocolate gifts for people who know good chocolate). You can find more chocolate gift ideas in the Gift-Finder section. If you have suggestions, comments, or want to tell us about your favorite chocolates, we’d love to hear from you. 

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If you have friends who love chocolate, seek out new and unusual gifts—like chocolates from great chocolatiers in other cities, or specialty items from local shops. Like finding a book or a CD in someone’s area of interest, you may well introduce them to something they’ll treasure for years to come.

Telluride Truffles
We loved our Telluride Truffles, triangular in honor of the mountains that surround this Colorado ski town. Flavored with Grand Marnier, Chambord, Kahlua, Jack Daniels’, Meyers’ Rum, Almond, and Raspberry, they taste as good as they look. Click here for more information or to purchase.

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