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STEPHANIE ZONIE is a contributing editor at THE NIBBLE.



November 2013
Last Updated: December 2013

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Best Pickles

Page 8: On The Podium


This is Page 8 of a 13-page article. On this page, the review of artisan pickle brands begins. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.


Now comes the tough part: tasting hundreds of pickles. While most of the brands are small producers, some larger brands—Classen, Farm To Market, Tabasco and Vlasic—were also tasted.

People typically ask, “What did you like the best?” As we’ve proved over and over again at tastings, everyone likes something different. All of the pickles in this article have enthusiastic fans.  Tasting only one jar of pickles, most of them would taste pretty good.

But when you taste dozens of them next to each other, here’s what stood out to us.


Best Overall Lines (3 Or More Pickle Styles)

  • Paul’s Gourmet Foods
  • Red Hop Mama
  • Rick’s Picks

Favorites: Regular Pickles

  • Donovan’s Cellar: Nana’s Pickles
  • Fresh Crunch: Classic Dill
  • Jeffboyardee: Kickin Pickle Co Sugar & Spice Pickles (Mild)
  • The Pickle Guys: 3/4 Sour, New Pickles
  • The Real Dill: Caraway Garlic Dills
  • Tabbycat: Mother’s Pickles

Favorites: Spicy Pickles

  • Busy D’s: Ghost Pepper Pickles
  • Jeffboyardee: Kickin Pickle Co Sugar & Spice Pickles (Mild)
  • Paul’s Gourmet Foods: Red Beet Horseradish Pickles, Wasabi Pickles
  • The Real Dill: Jalapeño Honey Dills
  • Red Hop Mama:  Hop Pickles (Hot Bread & Butter Pickles)
  • Stuart’s Cajun Dill Pickles

Runners Up: Regular Pickles

  • Brooklyn Brine  Co: NYC Deli Pickle
  • Fresh Crunch Pickles: Balzy
  • Gordy’s Pickle Jar: Sweet Chips
  • Paul’s Gourmet Foods: Most!
  • Real Pickles: Good Pickles
  • Wildbrine: Sliced Dill Pickles

Runner Up: Spicy Pickles

  • Blue Ridge Jams: Sweet Flame Cucumber


Plus, for consumers with special interests, here are the pickles we reviewed that are:

Kosher Certified

  • Ba-Tampte
  • Brooklyn Brine Co.
  • Bubbie’s
  • Claussen
  • Vlasic
  • Rick’s Picks: K.O. Pickles
  • Wickles Pickles
  • Woodstock Foods

Organic Certified

  • Real Pickles
  • Rejuvenative Foods
  • Rick’s Picks: K.O. Pickles
  • Woodstock Foods


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