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And now for something completely different— dynamite ginger ice cream. Photo by Gina Erdmann.



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June 2005

Updated July 2009

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Reed’s Ginger Ice Creams

Fire And Ice: A Must For Ginger Lovers



Reed’s, the folks known for their excellent ginger beer, have extended their brand into an even more excellent ginger ice cream: a creamy superpremium ginger ice cream with big chunks of crystallized ginger root throughout. 

Milk and cream are combined with fresh baby ginger root puree and natural raw cane sweetener to create a creamy, superpremium ginger ice cream. Then, lots of chunks of crystallized ginger root (the “ginger candy” also sold by Reed’s) is mixed in. The result: fire and ice.

Reed's Ice CreamsWhat a find for ginger lovers: the coolness of the ginger ice cream and the hotness as you bite into the chunks of crystallized ginger. The recipe is perfect, the lily needs no gilding; but for entertaining, a dab of bittersweet chocolate sauce on the side would not be overkill.

In fact, Reed’s also makes Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream using fine Belgian cocoa, and Green Tea Ginger Ice Cream. We haven’t been able to get the chocolate locally, but the green tea is in of itself the best green tea ice cream we’ve ever had; and the deep notes of the matcha tea are an equal balance to the spicy notes of the ginger chunks. We can’t stop eating it.

Judging from the testimonials on the website—where customers say the ice cream is the most awesome thing they’ve ever tasted and they will die if they can’t get it (warning to Trader Joe’s: keep stocking it or you’ll have blood on your hands)—you would not be over-the-top to serve une coupe de glaces varièes au gingembre, a scoop of each flavor, for dessert.

Crystallized Ginger

Chunks of crystallized ginger candy bring fiery excitement to Reed's Ginger Ice Creams.

The products are all natural: the milk is iBGH free and made with raw cane sugar, and the dairy has filed for organic certification. The Reed’s staff visits the dairy and have met the cows personally.  Evidently, this attention to detail produces one heck of a special ice cream.

Original Ginger Ice Cream, Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream, Green Tea Ginger Ice Cream

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