The Kitchen Primer by Craig Claiborne
Now you have no excuse: Craig Claiborne's practical approach to cooking will give you the know-how to master techniques you've only seen on T.V.


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Jessica Tagliaferro is a Brooklyn, NY-based writer, editor, and librarian. 


June 2005



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The Kitchen Primer

By Craig Claiborne

Originally published in 1969, this work by the former restaurant and food critic for The New York Times frequently makes the list of favored or influential books by food writers. As its title suggests, the book is an excellent first cookbook, because it assumes no prior knowledge of the kitchen. And because most of us are “casual” chefs with few if any hours to waste, its workshop approach and reliable, familiar recipes make it worth referring to again and again.

  • 270 pages
  • Wings
  • 1993

A favorite book of Jessica Tagliaferro












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