The Barbecue! Bible by Steven Raichlen
Thrill your summer guests with your new grilling skills .


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Shawn Roarke is a freelance writer in Keyport, NJ.



July 2005



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The Barbecue! Bible

By Steven Raichlen


Compiled after a three-year, 25-country food odyssey -- a concept later made famous by Anthony Bourdain in his acclaimed novel A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines -- this book is a dream for any grill lover. Not only does Raichlen introduce exotic tastes from every corner of the globe, but he does it in a way that appeals to both the novice and accomplished griller. A winner of multiple awards from the James Beard Society, Raichlen has a well-researched, informative, straight-forward style that translates well to his topic. In this offering, he spans the globe to present recipes that will stir the imagination and jump start the taste buds. Be forewarned, however, that many of these recipes require exotic ingredients often not found in the casual chef's pantry. Fish sauce, lemongrass, cardamom and sweet soy sauce, known as ketjap manis all make regular appearances in his offerings.

But, Raichlen does make some concessions to his American audience by offering substitutes for many of the hard-to-find ingredients. He also provides a detailed mail-order section to aid the chef determined to make his dishes in an authentic manner.

  • 576 pages
  • Workman Publishing Group
  • 1998

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