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March 26, 2013


It‘s easy to make ice cream cake. Layer softened ice cream in a cake pan with a filling layer of cookie crumbs or cake. Garnish as desired (here, with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce). Photo courtesy Talenti Gelato.

WHAT IT IS: Our favorite gelato.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Although it’s made in small batches, it tastes as if it were handmade in tiny batches.
WHY WE LOVE IT: The flavors are to-die-for.
WHERE TO BUY IT: At retailers nationwide and

A gorgeous Easter color and a celestial flavor: Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. Photo courtesy Talenti Gelato.

An easy pistachio sundae: drizzled with honey and garnished with chopped pistachios and whipped cream. Photo courtesy Talenti.

Bursting with sunshine: Alphonso Mango sorbetto. Photo courtesy Talenti.


Best Gelato Maker, Talenti Gelato; Easiest Easter Dessert, Talenti Gelato


One of the problems with holiday meals is the embarrassment of riches. There are so many good things to eat; many of us who love food just can’t pass anything by.

By the time dessert comes, we’re bursting at the seams. There’s no room for carrot cake or coconut cake (can we get that to go?), not to mention pie or anything chocolate.

Even something as light as an angel food cake  or  sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream takes up too much room.

That‘s why we’re ending our Easter dinner with something that doesn’t take up much room and can be served in as tiny a portion as desired: gelato/ice cream or sorbet.

Less rich but more flavorful than ice cream (it has more milk than cream, along with other differences—see the difference between ice cream and gelato), gelato fills the bill perfectly. And both gelato and its cousin, sorbet, are available in beautiful Easter colors.

There are some amazing artisan gelato makers in America, creating tiny batches by hand every day; every ingredient is natural and fresh. Capogiro Gelato in Philadelphia, Il Laboratorio  del Gelato in New York City and Palazzolo’s Gelato in Saugatuck, Michigan come to mind. But they are local operations with limited distribution.

There are also many franchised gelaterias that make their gelato with mixes sent from headquarters. Some of it is O.K., but it’s never great.

The one gelato maker we know that has managed to achieve top-quality gelato with all the elegance of a small, artisan, handmade batch is Talenti Gelato. We’ve got to name them the best gelato maker in the U.S. We greatly respect the small artisans, but most gelato lovers will never be able to get to their shops.

Talenti gets there by using what the artisans use: the finest fresh fruits, the best chocolate, the freshest local cream and milk.

And another reason why Talenti is the best gelato maker: the price. The privately-owned company doesn’t have to deliver higher dividends to shareholders. The result: a savings of $1.00 or more per pint.

In flavors that have beautiful spring colors, Talenti gelato and  sorbetto are a boon to anyone looking for an easy Easter dessert.

The Beautiful Easter Colors Of Talenti


Sure, chocolate or vanilla are the most popular flavors. But Easter is the time to bring on the excitement with a gorgeous array of color:

  • The green, spring-evoking Mediterranean Mint and Sicilian Pistachio.
  • The lavender loveliness of Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.
  • The lush, orange-hued Alphonso Mango Sorbet.
  • The pink hues of Blood Orange Sorbet, the intensely hued Roman Raspberry and the pale pink Simply Strawberry.
  • The speckled egg effect of Black Cherry and Caramel Cookie Crunch.


How To Serve The Gelato And/Or Sorbetto


The answer is: simply, after a large meal. We like the Easter Egg Nest:

  • “Easter Eggs”: Serve a medley of three different colors: small, egg-shaped scoops. Use an oval soup spoon to create the shapes. Keep them frozen until ready to serve. Yes: You can combine gelato and sorbetto.
  • “Nest”: You can create the nest for the “eggs” using shredded coconut, dyed green  or other favorite color (how to dye coconut. Or use crumbled shredded wheat.
  • Dishes: This dessert looks prettiest in a glass dish. You can also serve it in champagne coupes or large wine goblets.


Best wishes for a wonderful Easter.

—Karen Hochman


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