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November 8, 2011


Sugar Balls

Just one of the stunning handcrafted sugar designs from Chambre de Sucre. This design is also available in a pastel mix of green, pink, white and yellow. The sugar balls are photographed in a masu, or square wood saké box. Originally used to measure rice, today saké is drunk from the boxes. This photo and next courtesy Chambre de Sucre.

WHAT IT IS: “Gourmet sugar”: beautifully crafted fancy sugar in a variety of designs.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: It’s an impressive alternative to everyday granulated sugar and sugar cubes.
WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s different. It’s classy. It can be used to make any occasion special.



Rainbow crystals and demerara sugar ball photos
by River Soma | THE NIBBLE.


Chambre de Sucre: Fancy Sugar That Delights

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CAPSULE REPORT: Do you need a gift for your Thanksgiving hosts? Would you like to get a jump on holiday gifting?

Chambre De Sucre (“the sugar room”) makes a gorgeous and affordable collection of handmade sugar cubes, balls and crystals. Plain and decorated, colored, white or amber-brown, this is the most stunning sugar collection we’ve seen.

There are pretty sugars and handsome sugars. If there’s one way to impress with your coffee and tea service, Chambre de Sucre is it.

Sugar is a universal gift: Even if the recipients don’t use sugar themselves, they invariably have guests who do.

And guests will long remember such a treat. Even people who don’t notice details will take note.

Artisan-Crafted Gourmet Sugar

Chambre de Sucre fancy sugars are handcrafted in Japan from the highest-quality cane sugar. The methods reflect 270 years of artisanship.

  • There are sugar balls (above) and squares decorated with hand-piped sugar flowers.

  • There are rainbow crystals (above) and amber crystals.

  • You can have demerara sugar balls, cubes and miniature cubes.

All of the gourmet sugars dissolve as easily as any sugar cube.

Anyone who entertains—or who likes beautiful things—will be enchanted by this gift. Artistic types can create a still life in a bowl; there’s no doubt that this fancy sugar is edible art.

—Karen Hochman

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Do you know your demerara from your
Check out the different types of
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