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December 14, 2010



Belle Chèvre’s line of “breakfast cheese”—soft, fresh goat cheese flavored with cinnamon, coffee, fig or honey—are smashingly good. Above, Cinnamon flavor goat cheese with Daelia’s delicious biscuits for cheese. Add the cinnamon sticks to your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Photography by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Soft goat cheese spread, slightly sweetened and flavored.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: It’s the first line of sweet goat cheese spreads with reasonable distribution. Think of a light version of cheesecake, with flavors that can be enjoyed at any time and meal.
WHY WE LOVE IT: All four flavors are so seductively delicious, we can eat it for breakfast, lunch, hors d’oeuvre, dessert and snacks.

.Our Hearts Are Bleating For Belle Chèvre Breakfast Cheese

CAPSULE REPORT: Whether or not you like goat cheese, we’re here to spread the joy: You must try Belle Chèvre Breakfast Cheese.

It’s a line of four sweet-and-tangy spreadable cheeses that reminds us of lighter, drier cheesecake filling. Each of the flavors is perfect for spreading on your bagel, toast, muffin, crispbread and anyplace you’d spread cream cheese.

Goat cheese is a lot healthier than cream cheese (and cheesecake), so even if you don't like it, keep reading. If you like cheesecake, chances are you’ll like Belle Chèvre Breakfast Cheese.

These melt-in-your-mouth cheeses can go from breakfast to hors d’oeuvre to dessert. Or they can just go from spoon to mouth. The eight-ounce tubs get consumed very quickly—just like a good cheesecake.

We’ve been loving goat cheese (chèvre) since we were in pigtails. We thought we’d seen it all and eaten it all. But in the last few years, American artisans have evolved the concept of goat cheese into flavored goat cheese spreads.*

Often, these flavored cheeses are made in very small quantities and are hard to obtain. But Belle Chèvre has scaled up to meet demand. Thank goodness.

The flavors include:

  • Cinnamon Spreadable Goat Cheese. Like a cinnamon cheesecake. This flavor can pair with just about anything, but try it on a raisin bagel or shortbread cookie.
  • Coffee Spreadable Goat Cheese. A coffee lover’s dream. Spread on chocolate biscuits (like Emily’s Cookies—our favorite flavored shortbread and a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week) for an easy but memorable dessert. Or stuff pasta shells with it and drizzle some bittersweet chocolate sauce on the plate: a delicious dessert pasta.
  • Fig Spreadable Goat Cheese. The most sophisticated of the flavors. Beautiful with figs, dates or just about anything. We loved it on Effie’s Oat Cakes, another NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.
  • Honey Spreadable Goat Cheese. Called “Belle & The Bees,” this honey-enhanced spread is the lightest of the flavors. It thus has universal appeal. We devoured the contents of the tub with our favorite flatbreads and crostini from Rustic Bakery, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

Belle Chèvre means “pretty goat” (chèvre means both goat and goat cheese in French). The goats may be pretty, but the spreadable cheeses are knockouts. Buy all four flavors at once and you’ll see how easy it is to spread the joy.

Learn more about these très belle cheeses on the next page. Before you click away, look at the article index below.

*With acknowledgement to Hidden Springs Creamery of Wisconsin, which first thrilled us with soft, spreadable sheep’s milk cheeses called “Driftless,” in Honey and Lavender, in 2007. Lavender took first prize at the American Cheese Society for fresh sheep’s milk cheese that year, among other honors.

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