Iced Coral
Sculpture for the kitchen—beautiful to look at, with great features too. Shown, Michael Weems Iced Coral etched glass with stainless steel metal case.




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June 2005
Updated March 2009

Appliance Review / Kitchenwares / Appliances


Jenn-Air Attrezzi
Art, Form & Function



EDITOR’S NOTE: As of 2009, Jenn-Air no longer makes the Attrezzi line. After speaking with parent corporation The Whirlpool Corporation, we were told that Jenn-Air no longer makes small appliances at all. However, individual items from the Jenn-Air Attrezzi line can occasionally be purchased through, and


There’s never been a better time in history to get married, renovate your kitchen or decide to upgrade your basic appliances.

That’s because Jenn-Air has introduced what must be the most lovely trio of appliances anywhere, with all the features anyone could ask for (and Jenn-Air must have asked plenty of well-heeled consumers for their wish lists). They’re not just beautiful and smart: they’re high-performance, simple to use, durable and easy to clean.

Jenn-Air understands that today’s kitchens are the focal rooms in many homes, the room that often is part family room, part parlor. It’s the place where guests prefer to gather, despite more elegant trappings elsewhere. With all this in mind, the Attrezzi line is the first true decorator series of small appliances: one that can be at home as easily on the dining room buffet as the kitchen counter. One that enables the buyer to custom-select colors and patterns to match dinnerware and decor.

The toaster, blender and mixer come in five metal finishes: Antique Copper, Oiled Bronze, Pearlescent Black, Pearlescent White and Stainless Steel. You can customize your selection with an optional glass base for the toaster, and exquisite matching glass mixer bowls and blender pitchers that go from kitchen counter to dining table. There are glass designs for every taste and decor.

Each is truly lovely: the photos here don’t do them justice. If offered one as a gift we would be hard pressed to choose.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose: You can buy extra bowls and pitchers and change your look with the seasons. We suggest Aqua Beach or Iced Coral for summer, Amber Tortoise or Etched Coffee for fall, Merlot for Christmas, Cobalt or Dolce for spring—and the universal Clear Etched anytime. Or match bowls and pitchers to different dinner patterns,* as these beauties can and should be brought to the table or buffet. They stand along as handsome serving pieces: all glass is tempered and dishwasher safe.

  Etched Coffee

Etched Coffee glass, a limited-edition design by glass artist Michael Weems, with with Antique Copper metal case.

*The Etched Coffee and Iced Coral designs by Michael Weems will match beautifully with his dinnerware and stemware.








Aqua Beach Amber Tortoise Cobalt Blue Clear Etched Dolce
Aqua Beach Amber Tortoise Cobalt Blue Clear Etched Dolce
Etched Coffee Iced Coral Merlot Red Stainless Steel Verde Green
Etched Coffee Iced Coral Merlot Red Stainless Steel Verde Green

Toaster bases can match either metal body finish or glass.
Copper Bronze Black White Stainless
Antique Copper Oiled Bronze Pearlescent Black Pearlescent White Stainless Steel


A Toaster With The Most-er

The two-slice toaster will delight the fussiest foodie. Select from seven specific shade settings and peek inside to check on doneness via the unique angled design. (Much focus group testing there?) There are toast, bagel and defrost modes; and auto-adjust heating elements move with the centering carriage to ensure even toasting whether a thin slice of diet wheat or a chunky bagel. Relax and read the paper: a subtle tone rather than a jarring “pop-up” lets you know when your toast is ready. And a “keep warm” features holds it at just the right temperature if your coffee isn’t finished brewing. The power cord detaches to eliminate cord clutter on your countertop and interchanges with he other appliances. Grips on the base keep the toaster securely in place.

If only it would remind us that we don’t need a second bagel!


  Jenn-Air Attrezzi Toaster

Pearlescent white metal toaster with dolce glass base.





A Better Blend

Jenn Air Attrezzi

The Attrezzi stand mixer has a large, 4.5 quart glass mixing bowl with ergonomic dual handles and a pouring spout—yet it passes as a beautiful glass serving piece. Three multi-purpose attachments—a flat beater, wire hip and dough hook—cover every mixer task; and powerful mixing action is designed to thoroughly clean the edges of the bowl. An innovative touch wheel puts speed selection, pause mode and start/stop at your fingertips.

The large (72-ounce) glass blender pitcher is evocative of Italian jars and vases. In addition to its designer look, it holds almost four cups more than standard blenders, allowing you to puree an entire batch of soup or mix more pomegranate margaritas. Crushing ice, a task which has done poorly in other blenders, is a cinch here. High-stress, oversized stainless steel blades complement the wider bottom base of the pitcher and easily blend the toughest ingredients. Designed with entertaining in mind, the pitcher is supposed to go directly from countertop to serving table. If you weren’t skilled in the genre before, this one device may make you the king or queen of frozen drinks.

Antique copper metal with Amber Tortoise glass mixing bowl.







Tempted yet? No one will blame you for succumbing to three or four different pitchers and bowls—one for each season.


Jenn-Air Attrezzi

Your choice of five metal finishes and 8 glass colors.

  • Blender & Pitcher
  • Mixer
  • Toaster


  Black etched
Pearlescent black metal finish with clear-etched pattern glass base mixing bowl, pitcher, and base of toaster.



© Copyright 2005-2018 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. Images are the copyright of their respective owners.


© Copyright 2005-2018 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.