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fallen leaves collection
Open your home to fall: fill the air with delicious seasonal aromas. Above, Fallen Leaves Collection. has scents of apples, pears, and jasmine.





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MELODY LAN was researcher on this article. Melody burns her favorite scented candles almost every evening. Making the beginner’s mistake of going to sleep with a fragrant, burning candle (thankfully, no major damage) she now keeps a fragrant and flame-free reed infuser at her bedside.



October 2005

Home Zone / Good Scents / Seasonal Fragrances

Hillhouse Naturals Farm

The Scent of Fall Is In The Air...Inside Your House



We sniff hundreds of home fragrance collections a year, and in an instant we know if the fragrances are artificial (no, thank you!) or natural (a good start). Even among the naturals, blending is an art, not a science. Some people can do it well, some people just approximate. (Just think back to the dozen different candles you’ve smelled called “citrus” or “fig.”)

So when we happened upon the boutique company Hillhouse Naturals Farm, based at an actual farm, we knew we had struck fragrance gold. The daughter of an actual farm family who lives in rural Kentucky knows the real scent of fruits and other gifts of the earth. She—not sophisticated cosmetics executives—has created a line so natural and beautifully packaged, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. The products are so fine, the website so elegant, that would never think, as she relayed in side conversation on web publishing, that this business is run on a farm “in a county where there are only three Macintosh computers.”

Fall is a season that conjures up images and smells of baked goods, crisp fruits and mulled ciders. If you’re into scents as much as you’re into food, you’ll appreciate the realistic quality of Hillhouse Naturals Farm candles, diffuser reeds, sachets and potpourris. Their apple, spice, and pumpkin aromas can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

  • The Autumn Collection is a warm autumn blend of orchard apples infused with rich nutmeg, spicy cinnamon and clove. It makes your home smell as if a freshly-baked apple pie is in the oven. The spices waft through the air, and if they don’t have visitors believing that you’ve been baking, it’s a vision you can enjoy yourself!
  • The Fallen Leaves Collection captures season with the aroma of apples and pears, a touch of jasmine and a hint of fresh fir.
pumpkin candles
Spice up your rooms with candles in three
sizes: votive, glass jar, or 6" pillar.
reed infuser autumn votives
Five-Ounce Glass Candle, Potpourri, and
Reed Infuser.
Candle Tin and Autumn Votives.


Autumn Sachet and Fragrance Mist.

The larger candles can burn up to 90 hours, while the reed  infuser scents may last up to eight months. (You can flip the reeds over every two weeks to maintain a stronger scent, but they will do their job around the clock nonetheless). Place different fragrances in all the rooms for a change in mood.

Yes, you can (and should) give these wonderful products as gifts.  But you most certainly will want some for yourself.

Enjoy the invigorating fragrances of fall, both indoors and out.


Autumn Collection, Fallen Leaves Collection


  • Candle in Glass, 5 oz., $17.50
  • Candle in Tin, 5 oz., $11.20
  • Diffuser Reeds, 16 oz., $54.00
  • Fragrance Mist, 3 oz. $13.50
  • Sachet, .6 oz, $2.70
  • Potpourri, 14 oz., $19.90
  • Votives, $2.60 each

Purchase online at

Shipping and taxes additional. Prices and product availability are subject to change.


Food-scented candles, potpourri and sprays impart a
“comfort food” aura to your home.

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