Even if there isn’t enough snow to build Frosty, you can enjoy his company all winter long with these festive enamel plates from Golden Rabbit.


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Winter & Christmas

It’s Easy to “Get Seasonal” with Fine, Fun Dinnerware


Whether you live in the snow belt or just want to feel like it, your family and guests can enjoy the season with a choice of lively patterns that will charm both children and adults.

Winter patterns like Christmas Tree, Holiday Dots, Snowman, Moose, and Penguin are available in an assortment of plates, trays, basins, tumblers, mugs, kettles, and pails to hold snacks, ice, or what-have-you.

The dinnerware is made of fine German enamel on steel from Golden Rabbit, a high quality manufacturer, it is made with strength and durability. Primers and enamels are fused to strong carbon coated with glass enamel and sealed with a stainless steel rim. These two strong durable steels provide a greater resistance to chipping. All items are ovenproof and dishwasher safe.

Use your seasonal dishes:

  • Every day throughout the holiday season
  • On weekends and for special meals
  • For guests and parties
  • As a reward for good behavior

Perhaps those who behave especially well will get to choose a some plates and mugs from another pattern to add to the next year’s celebration!

Holiday Dots
The Holiday Dots pattern has festive green and red polka dots on a white background.


moose tree
Moose Christmas Tree



Winter & Christmas-Themed Dinnerware

Items from $4.45 for child’s mug to $44.10 for lazy susan tray. Not all items available in all patterns. For Snowman:

  • Sandwich Plate, $8.30
  • Bread Plate, $7.80
  • Dinner Plate, $10.00
  • Cookie Plate, $10.40
  • Child Mug, $4.45
  • Adult Mug, $6.85
  • Tumbler, $7.70

Purchase online

Shipping and taxes additional. Prices and item availability are subject to change.





  • Medium Tray, $31.00
  • Medium Tray Lazy Susan, $44.10
  • Small Basin, $19.95
  • Medium Basin, $26.50
  • Kettle, $35.30




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