Vichy Catalan WaterVichy Catalan refreshed the Roman legions, and millennia later, it continues to delight.



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July 2006

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Vichy Catalàn Water

A Flavorful European Favorite


CAPSULE REPORT: The most recognized mineral water from a hydrothermal spring  in Spain, naturally carbonated, high-mineral-content Vichy Catalan has been pleasing people since pre-history. The Romans built a spa at the site, and it has been bottled since 1890 so people worldwide can enjoy it—including us. It has become one of our favorite waters.

Vichy Catalàn is a cult brand among Europeans—admittedly, people who know their mineral water. So, attention must be paid! This naturally sparkling water wells up from the earth to a thermal spring, which remains from prehistory show has been continuously attended by Iberians, Romans and Moors. The ancient Romans created the healing spa known as Caldes De Malavella over 2,000 years ago; it is now a small village on the outskirts of Girona (population 80,000), 60 miles northeast of Barcelona, where you can still see the Roman thermal baths. One might logically assume that Hannibal and other great conquerors and rulers of antiquity bathed in these hot thermal waters and drank them.

Hot, effervescent water bubbles from many sources in the area of Caldes De Malavella. All springs come from the same aquifer but have slightly different mineral compositions. The bottling of Vichy Catalàn water started in 1890 at the source. The following year, the Vichy Catalàn Spa, an imposing building of neo-Mozarabic architecture, was built to accommodate the many visitors wanting “to take to the waters.” Today it is a completely renovated modern facility that offers the latest techniques in balneotherapy—although it might be easier to start by ordering the water online.

The source for Vichy Catalàn has been capped, and the water and the gas are collected separately. When the water reaches the surface its temperature is 140°F. The water is allowed to cool and the gas is then re-injected just prior to bottling.

A Great Food Water

Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp cocktail—or any seafood—is a perfect pairing for Vichy Catalàn water. Photo by Nathalie Dulex.

Vichy Catalàn is very effervescent and has a remarkable mineral content of Vichy Catalanbicarbonates, sodium, chlorine, potassium, fluoride, calcium, magnesium and lithium, giving it a very distinctive flavor. If you enjoy waters like Apollinaris, Fiuggi, Gerolsteiner, Lurisia and San Pellegrino, then Vichy Catalàn takes you there and a step beyond. It’s got all of the mineral flavor in an extremely elegant bubble—like the finest of Champagnes. Let’s call it the Krug of sparkling, high-mineral-content waters. As with Krug, we’ve got to admit: we’d rather have a bottle of Vichy Catalan with fine food than just about anything else.

Vichy Catalàn is a high TDS water: you’ll taste the mineral salts, which are exciting to pair with foods but not to mix in a spritzer. Enjoy this water with seafood, (perfect with sushi!), steak, any main dish. That it goes perfectly with paella is only coincidental to its Spanish heritage.

Vichy Catalàn is also very high in bicarbonate—good for the digestion afterward!

WATER Vichy Catalàn
Natural Mineral Water

Caldes de Malavella,
near Girona, Spain
(in Catalonia)

Naturally Sparkling
pH Factor

TDS = Total Dissolved Solids
ND = Non-Detectable


Sparkling Mineral Water

  • 1-Liter Bottles
    12-Bottle Case

To purchase online, visit or telephone
1.561.392.3336 ext.100

Shipping additional. Price is verified at publication but is subject to change.

Vichy Catalan - sizesCurrently available in the U.S. in 1-liter bottles.

Water For Misting

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