Marich Mint Maltballs
Mint chip maltballs. Photograph by Matt Chun | THE NIBBLE.





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April 2005
Updated March 2010

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Marich Mint Chip Maltballs

A Gourmet, Minty Twist On The Malted Milk Ball


Students of Greek philosophy will recall Plato’s theory that the physical world is an imperfect shadow of the world of ideas, where there exists an ideal form of every earthly object. This concept became known as the “Platonic ideal”; and since those ancient times, many people have sought such transcendentally perfect, forms that have manifested themselves in the material world.

One should not, under the mantle of intellectuality, think that a maltball is any less ideal-worthy than a sculpture that has stood for 1,000 years or the perfect mathematical theorem (or the ideal madeleine, as Proust might argue). The confectioners at Marich have gotten pretty close to ideal with a splendid invention, the Mint Chip Maltball. It could be a tad less sweet, but we are happy to have made its acquaintance.

These treats are layered with flavor: crunchy maltball centers are first covered with dark chocolate, then with cookie crunch and a shiny mint coating. The result is one of the prettiest candies we’ve ever seen—the maltballs look like gleaming round robins’ eggs—and is beautifully packaged in Marich’s signature gift box.

There are some things that are just too special to share. This is one of them. So, keep a few boxes all for yourself...but order a few for your friends.


Mint Chip Maltballs

Kosher Certification: Kof-K (Dairy)

  • 6-Ounce Bag
    8-Ounce Box

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Mint Chip Maltballs

Watch out—they’re addictive.



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